He wins my heart

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I should be watching this show

…because this clip is so best.  Want to go to there.

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Snuggie Dog!

thanks Drew for this.  I really think those dog sweaters look uncomfy – I’M SOLD!

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Blog of the Day: Nerdboyfriend

Oh hai.

Jack Lemmon

Leonard Bernstein

Monty Python

more of your nerdy boyfriends here

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Shepard Fairey + Lance Armstrong

Shepard Fairey is appently designing bikes, gear, and such for Lance Armstrong. What do ya think?

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Blog of the Day: Boutique of the Week

Found this blog’s author on Yelp – but it’s totally awesome and I think it will re-vamp my shopping in the city.  Here she reviews one of my favorite boutiques in the city, Pippin – where I found my clocky and favorite topaz ring.

“Pippin Vintage Jewelry is like entering a flea market without the haggling patrons and piles of junk.  With vintage pieces discovered mainly on the East Coast, this boutique offers a variety of affordable items from pearl strands, brass watches, turqoise rings and even clip-on earrings.  Their eclectic collection spans from the pre-1900s to the 1980s, but they also have some re-worked pieces like Victorian jacket buttons made into rings (around $40).  Their prices are affordable and not typical of Manhattan, with the range from $1-$200+.  You can find a great necklace or ring for $25, and the higher-end diamonds and rubies are displayed inside the glass case.

Pippin has enough eccentric pieces that you can make your own creation, like antique keys that could be added to a long layering necklace, or pins that could double as barrettes.  When looking through the packed store, make sure to take some time and open the shallow drawers filled with random extras that cost less than $5 and make you feel like you you’ve discovered a treasure at the bottom of the bargain bin (without the actual rummaging).

Jewelry is not their only specialty, they also have a wide variety of accessories including vintage bags, clutches, belts, scarves, gloves, hats, and more, such as a cosmetic carved mirror from a 1920s Norwegian cruise ship ($30).  Also check out their vintage home goods store next door, where you can find Bauhaus vases, 1950s Coca-Cola crates, and even obscure black-and-white photos for $1.”

Now that you know my jewelry secret shopping spot (located on 17th St. between 6th & 7th) go here for more ideas from this blog.

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Wearable towel, how hot!

I especially love how confusing the normal towel looks at the start of this video.

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Steph Black reminded me how much I liked this song/video via her gchat status message today. Thanks!

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Blog of the Day: What Chuck Wore

This blog confused me at first because I thought it was called “What Chuck Whore.”  Now I realize that it’s actually a blog dedicated the fashion of Chuck Bass on GossipGirl which is actually a subject entirely worthy of its own blog. Congrats to the costume designers or wardrobe people or whatever they’re called. Check it out HERE. Also I love the blog’s tagline “…why does he wear so much purple?”

Thanks Nadia

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Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair time!

Renegade Craft Fair

I’m not the craft fair expert of CWL, but I did go to this holiday fair in December and did almost all my Christmas shopping there, so I”m totally down for this in June!  Mark your calendars!  More info here

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RIP Anna Bag,

This is the best bag LeSportSac makes, Nora and I can both confirm that.  But now it’s DISCONTINUED!!   WHYYY?!  It is what we’ve called “clown car bag” because so much shit fits in it and it doesn’t even look bulky.  Observe below (though this is a pattern I hate):

I even wrote them a damn email.  I say lets boycott until Anna is back.

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Do you know how to knit?

OK great, cause I want these:

the ultimate swine flu protection???

thanks, stumble-upon.  more knitty magic here.

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Bravo needs to make a Real Housewives of Yaoude

Cause this lady lives there.

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Do not want

This isn’t cute. Or even kitschy. It’s just gross.

No thanks, Design Milk.

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Look at this fucking hipster


I think this is better than Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling.

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Totally silly, but this cracks me up


titty kitties aka cats in boobs.

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Horses in wigs!

I feel like horses in wigs is a total CWL subject, so I had to post.  UK newspapers are tearing it up lately.

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The Blankoat: a high-end snuggie

It was very very cold
so was made Blankoat

And you can win one!

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See my fancy long hair?

Mesmerizing.  via Dlisted. Also here is his Youtube channel, described as: “This page is devoted to long hair. I belong to the rare species of guys who like to grow their hair really long. I have many other interests but you won’t find anything about them here…”

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Your vote required – which bathing suit is more likely to appear in your nightmares?

So my sister and I had a race tonight to find the world’s ugliest bathing suit. Here are the three that I think are the absolute worst. Please vote on which one you believe to be most unflattering.

Option A

From Victoria’s Secret for $164 (I shit you not)

Option B

Also from Vicky’s, but amazinly on sale for $34 (they’re practically giving them away…gee, I guess NOBODY WANTED TO BUY IT)

Option C

From Delias for $29.50

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Oh man, Barbie + JONATHAN ADLER = MY dream house

So Jonathan Adler designed a real Barbie Dream House in honor of her 50th birthday. And. It’s. Awesome. Photos below from LAist.

LOVE those chairs. More amazing photos here

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Sleeping Bag suit

can I wear this to my wedding??

Sleeping bag suits. Do Want. Thanks Swiss Miss.

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Weird. I don’t get it. Why?

I think the couch dress has already been posted. But why would people pay actual money for this.

Wow this site is really starting to freak me out.

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This is so Grey Gardens

But this chick doesn’t know it.

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Tilda Swinton FYI

She’s got a rocking polyamorous life.

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Did you spill?

just add a elephant pin to that, and now it looks like you have puking animals on your shirt on purpose!  GENIUS!  from inventorspot via Jezebel.

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Renegade Craft Fair 2knine

…is all over the place. you’ve been warned.

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Meetz does not want to sleep in this CROC

Gross! Who am I to talk really.. I have to admit I bought some Ugg-like boots yesterday after a long hatred of them, so maybe Crocs are up next for me.   JK JK never!

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Betty Crocker through the years

She really looks like a mega-bitch circa 1936.. jeeez Betty, have some frosting and perk up a little! More from Jezebel here.

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LOVE this dress and yay for Jason Wu

It’s a Cinderella story.  In the Advocate, Wu says dressing Michelle was a “long shot.”  Aw he is so young and great and Michelle looked BEAUTIFUL.  Also in just one day, Michelle Obama wore stuff made by a Cuban-American woman and a 26 year old gay Asian dude.  Minorities, CHECK!

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Loving Marimekko + Sanna Annukka

I think I’ve posted about Sanna Annukka before (she’s great). And lord knows I love Marimekko (I still have those car sheets from when I was a kid). Now, Sanna is designing for Marimekko and it’s like four Ks worth of awesome (get it? There are two Ks in Annukka and two Ks in Marimekko).

Some of Sanna’s stuff:

Some of Sanna’s stuff for Marimekko:

Oh god it’s so pretty

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This just in: mustaches are so in.

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Bandaid sneakers


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These rugs are gross

But I love that coffee table. And sofa! YUM.

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True love is shown through braids

BARF!!!  via Dlisted via Urlesque..

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You might assume I love this

But actually, I think it’s disgusting:

The jury is still out on this one though:

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My new favorite couple: Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler

My dad has always loved CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ and I’ve finally admitted to myself that I love it. Today’s episode feature Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler- two fabulous people who happen to be in love. And are perhaps the coolest couple I’ve ever seen. I love Jonathan’s style and Simon’s, too. And they’re sassy and like the word “moxie” (one of my favorites). Also, Simon just said “I love working in a store. If Virginia Woolf had worked in a store, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten depressed.”

They met on a blind date. ADORABLE. I love Simon because he dresses department store windows. My grandma did that for years and years. And Jonathan is from Jersey and went to Brown and loves bright colors and hippos. And describes his stuff as “very classical but with just a little bit of moxie.”

God I love them. I also love the ‘Sunday Morning” chose to play the clip from ‘Top Design’ where Jonathan tells Preston his flower arrangement “fails kind of on every level.”

Fuck you, Preston.

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why i need to live in iceland: the christmas cat

holy shit- best folktale EVER. it’s name is Jólakötturinn and it’s a murderous, fashion policing feline.

Jólakötturinn is a lovable, wholly unholy beast, a sort of proto-fashion police whose impeccable sense of style, in your face attitude and lack of respect for human life terrified Icelanders into stylistic submission in ways that today’s anorexia-inducing Vogues and Cosmopolitans can only dream of. The ginormous cat’s sole purpose in life is to eat children (and adults, some say) that do not get a new piece of clothing before Christmas. Yes, it devours financially disadvantaged children.This is the kind of message Icelanders like to send out in their folklore: if you do not have the money or means of acquiring new items of clothing before the festival of lights, you will be eaten by a gigantic cat. This is one of the reasons that Icelanders clock in more hours of overtime at their jobs than most European nations: to avoid the cat, we stayed up sewing or knitting in the olden days, and we stayed up graphic designing or stock-brokering in early 2008.

you can read more here

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new years headwear planning

i don’t know what ill be doing for new years yet but im already planning an outfit. i was visiting the new anthropologie store in my hometown mall and spied this pretty little headband. it’s a bit expensive but i think i can pull it off (plus i got an anthropologie gift certificate for xmas). what do you all think? insert quiz
im obviously in fashion mode.

i’m also taking outfit suggestions…

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new fashion blog i adore

i don’t know how i missed this blog before now but i was reading an online article about different fashion blogs and they mentioned this really cute french one along with my longtime fave, the sartorialist. it’s called garance dore- i can’t read french but the pics are great.

cute right?

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Emily, I’m sorry you can’t wear yellow

because Eva Mendes looks smokin’ fuckin’ hawt

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Color of 2009

Yellow (specifically Mimosa)!

Thanks Hannah for notifying me. And “get used to seeing yellow in places you’re not used to seeing it.”

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Seriously Campari?

Jessica Alba looks so much awesome without airbrushing.. maybe she has some minor polterwang going on, but that’s it.  She looks great and  PS she just had a damn BABY.  Campari you suck. Via HuffPo

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couple we like: beyonce/sasha fierce and jayz

from a knicks game last weekend.

they are seriously the cutest. she keeps touching his leg with her heels of death though…

thanks simone. from HERE

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yeah, i’m into that band too…

…and i love the way you don’t comb your hair.


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M.I.A. making pregnant look cool

but is her skirt too short?  i’m concerned..

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best of AA costumes 2k8…

they sent me an email today and i thought this one was particularly clever of wall-e and eva. congrats dudes. you are WAAAAY more creative than me. i was zombie barbie for halloween. i had to beg some white and blue facepaint off a stranger to pull it off too. yeah….

I’ll redeem myself at santacon and idiotarod. I promise….

see more HERE

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Little Edie: The Ultimate Recessionista

From Jezebel: “Nowadays we’re inundated with tips for essentially how to manufacture the illusion of an unchanged lifestyle, and that’s not tenable. Little Edie, from madness or wisdom, didn’t do that. She created a new reality for a new set of circumstances.”

She’s received credit before in the form of high-end magainze spreads…but now it’s time Little Edie was recognized as the ultimate recessionista. She could make one garmet do so many things!

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Project Runway designers do inaugural ball gowns

Some of these are pretty bad, IMHO.

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More fashion slideshows

oh Michelle. You’re so pretty.

See the rest of the LA Times slideshow here

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Cindy McCain: Fashionista?

I did not know she once had short hair.

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More fashion slideshows of female polticals

The new Jackie Kennedy? I think their styles are pretty different (aside from both not being afraid of sleeveless dresses). I like the leggins, Michelle.

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This totally should have been my halloween costume

Ahh!  Spaghetti Cat! Costume via Dlisted.

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Flip flops & socks are never OK, even if there is a product designed for this combo

found the ad for flip flop socks in my customized gmail ads .. I think because I was gchatting about taking off my heels last night and walking the streets of New York in borrowed socks.  Dirty girl.  

i’d post the link to buy flip flop socks but i’m not encouraging that behavior.

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Cool embroidered shirts and some ass crack

someone should tell that guy there’s a fire in his pocket.

yay bees!


More here.  This is becky’s find btws.

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Cindy McCain’s four-day love affair with the color orange

I think the orange dress in the pic is cute but not age appropriate ( it would look better on me). See more.

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My Halloween Costume

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A good article on why Palin is dumb

to have spent so much on her wardrobe.

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Ok, I’ll admit it.

She really is a high-fashion Alaskan and does look good for a woman in her 40s. But just like John McCain being hot once upon a time and not being able to lift his arms due to years of torture…it doesn’t mean she’d make a good VP or Pres. However, I like her tied jackets and how she “breaks up the suit” (something I’m really scared to try).

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I’m serious: trim those bangs

Emily: I bet she has trouble learning

Nora: Why?

Emily: Because she can’t see and shit.

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