Snuggie Dog!

thanks Drew for this.  I really think those dog sweaters look uncomfy – I’M SOLD!

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my life

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Small Things Eating Big Things

This website is cute and new and Drew made some pictures for it!  His drawings might be my favorities, but ya know, I’m biased.  The mastermind behind SMEBT is Sanjay, and here’s his comic which is also great!

Kitten eating Elephant

Baby eating Airplane

more here!

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Twitter Tracker

Conan O’Brien has a new segment that plays on the current obsession with celebrity tweets (as seen here). I caught a different episode last night with nicole and i thoroughly recommend checking it out, even though i cant figure out how to embed the video and it’s not available on youtube, you can see it here on

Read more about twitter tracker on conan here.

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Becky really hates when this happens on her dates

whoops!  Nedroid is soo cute!

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8-bit cover of Magnetic Fields

This is a great 8-bit cover of one of Magnetic Field’s 69 Love Songs (an album that is deserving of its own post). Here is 8-bit All My Little Words:

And here is the original:

from Offworld via Trent Reznor (who has been sober for 8 years today. Good for you.)

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i snorted a little bit when i watched this.

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Exercise dog says ‘do some squats!’

join gym is still on my todo list.. this dog wins.

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What do you know about Tally Hall?

1. Tally Hall is this band.  2. The band is full of cute boys (which one is your favorite I don’t even know who can pick just one?).  3.  These cute boys sing awesome songs that are pop-like and fun.  4.  They have a hilarious-super-internet show that Drew briefly participated in dressed as Waldo and he animated some stuffs.

Actually, I saw Tally Hall TWICE this weekend, yeah, really I did – once at the Mercury Lounge in New York and once in Westport, CT.  Here they are:

and this might be my favorite new song of theirs, but I love the last CD too.

Do I sound like a fan girl?  Pshhhh I’m okay with that.  Also these guys are nice and I’ve met them so YEAH i’m THAT COOL.  hehe.

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Autotune the news 3!

I especially love the Hillary section on this one.

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Eminem has some new fans

This breakfast music review show is awesomee.

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Candles that are ELECTRIFYINGLY cool

Oh I’m hilarious. Check out that awesome headline.

Anyway, these are candlesticks. But they look like plugs. Best.

From here via Apartment Therapy

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Blog of the Day: Stuff My Girlfriend Likes

.. very much in the same style as CWL, I love this blog and I think it’s sweet.  This guy says: “Sometimes Mr. Internet shows me stuff I’m sure my girlfriend (“Roo”) will like. Rather than put it all in my main tumblelog, or send her multiple emails a day, I’ll post them here. Maybe you’ll like them, too.”  And it’s stuff like this!

I love all these things!  Which means, I am this guy’s girlfriend?  Well I guess not, but his girlfriend certainly has good taste.  More here.

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i admit, i thought it would be sort of easy to be a good writer-of-comics (minus the drawing part).. but actually now i’m not so sure!

here’s a challenge! make this comic funny with your own word bubbles and drew will put some best ones on his site, so he claims.  i’m gonna try it later, so watch out.  if mine sucks though, i’ll just blame the artist.  Here’s the full-sized image.

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(RSS) Feed Me

I thought that this was clever…

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You: Creepy man walking cat on a leash – 26 (Upper West Side)

Me: Preppy white guy in a polo and jeans. I saw you last May in Central Park. You had curly hair, a black jacket and looked very skeezy and odd. You were walking your cat on a leash.

I didn’t talk to you, but I wish I had. Why did your cat have a leash? Why were you walking your cat in the first place? Is your cat a ferocious animal that will attack others on sight without the leash? Do you secretly want a dog but are allergic to them?

So many questions I wanted to ask. So many answers I never received. So many missed opportunities. A lifetime of regrets.

this was on craigslist.. thx liz!  i belive i know the answer though : cats run away, you would have to leash them.  also, i have totally wanted to walk Meetza.  also, this is a long time to wait to write into craigslist.. a whole year this poor prepster has been tortured!

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I love party cat!


Nedroid is pretty freakin cute!

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I iz a pirate

That is all.

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Look at this fucking hipster

I think this is better than Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling.

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This cat is named Nora

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Flutter: har har har

Anyone know how to embed this?

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Need: Undo Send

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Kitty cat

Ok, I haven’t watched this with sound or all the way through, but Ryan suggested I post it and he is generally reliable when it comes to crap.

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google chrome experiments

i don’t entirely understand what google chrome is. im sure someone will explain or i could ask wikipedia and find on in a sec but im jetlagged and exhausted from my trip to iceland (ill post more about this later). SO… google chrome has put up these cool experiments. i suggest the…

video puzzle

browser talk

and ball pool

mostly because these were all featured today but I tried them all and they were fun. browser talk requires a microphone though and ball pool almost made my computer explode (after a few tries it sounded like it was about to take off) but they are all super fun. browsermation looked fun too but i couldnt get it to work. check out all of the chrome experiments here.

ps. thanks steve for showing this to me and thanks to jr for making fun of me for not knowing what google chrome is

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Sheep LED art

this via Nadia who is having a pretty inspired internet day.

nadia: internetz explosion

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When you’re just having one of those days

Post something here: I might have to write them about my commute to work on Monday when it was really snowy.

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Poochie is running

Judging from the number of views this video has, apparently I’m late to this. But it’s still awesome.

Thanks Isabel.

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Kenneth Parcell/Bobby Jindal Update

The resemblance is so striking that everyone else realized it too.

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In case you need help with twitter…

this video will explain for you.

from museum3.0

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archaeology comics

i’m a nerd and im fascinated with all things related to archaeology, museums, and the internet and this webcomic just happens to address all three. get some knowledge here.


ps. archaeology is actually a lot like this. explorer’s club and all… aren’t you jealous?

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— — .-. … . / -.-. — -.. . / – .-. .- -. … .-.. .- – — .-.

– .-. .- -. … .-.. .- – . …. . .-. .

sneaky sneaky

.. … -. .—-. – / – …. .. … / – …. . / — — … – / — -… -. — -..- .. — ..- … / .–. — … – / . …- . .-. ..–..

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kittens inspired by kittens

a little girl narrates her book of kittens.

thanks aaron.

EDIT: for some reason its not letting me insert tags, so i’ll just add this thought to the post: this is exactly how nora was when she was six.

EDIT 2: not sure why its not showing up, so here is the link:

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c’mon, jump on the ShaqTwitter bandwagon!

there has been a little meme going around that I have been trying to perpetuate recently (though i believe i caught from Dan- you”win” again!) that is basically just Shaq’s twitter feed. it has ignited an obsession with Shaq I never thought possible (hence my 5 video nba-on-espn post a few days ago and i even saw him play the knicks at madison square last month).  i feel a little vindicated now that it has been mentioned on Creativity’s daily email newsthingy, in my favorite section entitled “Feedbag.”  so go play on the twitter feed and then go watch those videos i posted a few days ago with a new appreciation for the mangiantdinosour that is shaquille fucking o’neal.


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add unicorns your favorite websites via this site

click on the little button to make it work on our blog (don’t worry, it’s not permanent) and make sure you click it a bunch of times


thanks liz!

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copyright lesson

learn copyright law via short clips of disney movies. so clever!  it sounds boring but it’s really awesome.

from michael g- thanks

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Whoa there dude

I’m going to the Black Cat tonight. Maybe I can meet a nice guy like this one.

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The Mac Turns 25

Old macs are weird…but kind of cool.

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We think is written by a woman (68%).

thank you

you too can have your blog genderanalyzed for free- i dont know how it came up with a masculine/feminine quotient within 3 seconds but it did…. and it was wrong….

but i guess thats why it only has a 59% success rate

now you try!

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This is really the most popular post on Videogum of 2008?

It’s cool, I guess, and catchy, but seriously? Better than the roundup of cat videos??

also, what the fuck is alice in wonderland saying?

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Little Gordon Ramsey is not happy with your cooking MOM

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Another BOD for Today

My friend just started a blog. You should read and enjoy it.

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Aretha on your door

I heart B+E. It’s Britney, bitch. Warning: this is surprisingly charming.

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Softwear by Microsoft

guess who has a new line of tshirts designed with the help of common…

my favorite is the gates mugshot.
more HERE

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Happy 1,000th post CrapWeLike!

To commemorate this occasion, I will give you –

Kitteh Has Too Much To Drink

and Cat Fart Explosion

THAT just about sums it up.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Realty Fail

Thanks to Lucy for showing me this blog.

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google can predict the future

Google knows everything and now they are predicting the future…. apparently google can predict flu outbreaks better than the CDC according to where and how often people use google to search for “flu” -both frightening and amazing.

check it out here. they also provide an in-depth explanation of their methods which is also frightening/interesting.

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NSFW, unless you’re on someone else’s work computer..

We’ve been having internet problems at work and so the Verizon tech guy came today to check shit out. I hung out with him for a bit.. we talked about music, I ate a bagel, and he fiddled with my computer for a while. I checked email on my boss’s computer, so I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing. When he left, I checked my browser history – just cause I was wondering what sites are ‘internet test sites’ or what. Wonder no further.

I haven’t had a chance to watch yet.. but from the titles: “Man with world’s biggest penis” and “What’s in a name? (Penis)”  I am pretty psyched.  Thanks Verizon!!!

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we’ve all earned the new puppy

thanks to adam…you’ve earned the new puppy that is coming with us to the whitehouse.

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John Hodgman’s campaign commercial

Also, apparently this commercial with Paris Review former editor George Plimpton kinda inspired him to play the PC in those commercials…

from this blog

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paper fail

I can’t seem to concentrate on anything but failblog tonight, despite the research project I have due on weds. here are some of my faves…

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Blogging Scholarship

I’m reluctant to post this because i kinda want to keep it to myself, but i’ve gots to be realistic- when would i ever sit down and apply for this? never. good luck reader with lots of time who happens to be in school and blogs…

From Gawker
Shut Up College

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another cat blog

The World Famous Random Kitten Generator

Do it when you’re feeling sad and need some kitteh in your life.
(this pic didn’t come from the blog- i just thought it was funny)

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Most Extreme Sushi, I mean Challenge, I mean Sushi

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A MySpace Bulletin from Dr. Steve Brule

Of course Dr. Steve Brule is in my top 8 friends… read up on his big news:subject: I’M GETTING MARRIED!

“And mummy​ said it’d never​ be so.

So long,​ “​Livin​g on Your Lones​ome.​”

I’d like to annou​nce that I asked​ one Miss Sarah​ Palin​ to marry​ me at a recen​t McCai​n-​Palin​ campa​ign stop here in Penty​ and she said HELL YEAH.​ No, make that SHIT YEAH.​ 

We took the Justy​ to the arcad​e and I showe​d her the diffe​rence​ betwe​en “​Morta​l Komba​t”​ and we playe​d air hocke​y.​ Thing​s got a littl​e frisk​y.​ I am start​ing to wonde​r what she’​s gonna​ say when she finds​ out I’m a virgi​n.​

Somet​imes,​ when it’s just me and her, she calls​ me “​First​ Dude”​ and I feel like so AWESO​ME.​ Somet​imes we get all lost in our words​ and forge​t what we’​re sayin​g.​ And somet​imes we just make stuff​ up so we can look all smart​ and words​ and fun and stuff​.​ 

And she total​ly gets the thing​ about​ eatin​g ants cuz they’​re made outta​ prote​in.​”

Now go watch Brule’s Rules cause it’s my favorite! 

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You Fell Asleep While Watching a DVD

Just try it….

This happens to me all the time.

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It’s that time of day…

Since no one has yet posted this on CWL.. here’s the latest from Google labs: Mail Goggles.  Thanks, Google.

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amazing posters and banners- SO CLEVER! I wish I had discovered this site a month ago…

(check out the banners- Remember when Orange was a color, and not an alert?)

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Remember that time I went to Tokyo

and was mistaken for a Spaniard? So embarrassing.

It can’t embed, so check it out here: It has some butts in it, so don’t watch it someplace that will get you in trouble.

stolen from videogum

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