NYC Subway Sounds

I really like this audio compilation because I imagine/remember myself in all of the stations. It’s like nostalgia for something I still experience everyday.

From the author’s blog entry

Part of the job of a subway conductor is to announce station names and explain delays and route changes. But some conductors do much more. Especially on weekends riders may hear about what attractions are near the current stop or a brief history of the neighborhood. But my favorite aspect of the announcements is simply the variety of tone and timbre in conductors’ voices. As the announcements on the subways become automated (as they are now on most 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and L trains) we will unfortunately lose this art, and so I have decided to document it for my own (and now your) enjoyment by making recordings.

From Michael G. via his roommate

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New post for the autotune debate

The video below gives you an idea of where Jay-z stands on the issue.

I wonder if he’d feel differently if he watched autotune the news

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Herb & Dorothy

I really really want to see this movie about a librarian and a postal worker who collect millions of dollars worth of minimalist/conceptual art in their tiny one bedroom apartment. Looks adorable.

Read the New York Times review of it HERE, below is the trailer.

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I think Becky will like this

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Music at the Whitney

The Whitney is hosting some fun bands in honor of their exhibit on Dan Graham. I thought you should know. I kind of love Vivian Girls- I might try and make it to that show.


Titus Andronicus / Real Estate
Friday, July 10 at 7 pm

Abe Vigoda / Grooms
Friday, July 17 at 7 pm

Wood / YellowFever
Friday, July 24 at 7 pm

Vivian Girls / These Are Powers
Friday, July 31 at 7 pm

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Blog of the Day: Board of Hi Five

This is our pal Steve’s blog – and I loved his last post on the top five NYC subway ads:

Dr. Zizmor and 1888 Margarita are classics – but this may be my favorite

..about which the BoHF says “Good cause, but scary. I wonder if the person who got his eyes knows all the gruesome shit they saw on Law and Order.”

love that.  see all five here.

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Blog of the day: Suggested Donation

This blog might only be interesting to the Museum Studies and  Library and Information Science crowd, but Suggested Donation is an great blog about museum and archive related things in NYC and beyond. I’m a little jealous that I don’t have my own museum blog but I know I wouldn’t be able to  keep up on the museum news like these kids, nor could I design such a snazzy website. Instead, I’ll just direct you to their blog. enjoy.


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Blog of the Day: Boutique of the Week

Found this blog’s author on Yelp – but it’s totally awesome and I think it will re-vamp my shopping in the city.  Here she reviews one of my favorite boutiques in the city, Pippin – where I found my clocky and favorite topaz ring.

“Pippin Vintage Jewelry is like entering a flea market without the haggling patrons and piles of junk.  With vintage pieces discovered mainly on the East Coast, this boutique offers a variety of affordable items from pearl strands, brass watches, turqoise rings and even clip-on earrings.  Their eclectic collection spans from the pre-1900s to the 1980s, but they also have some re-worked pieces like Victorian jacket buttons made into rings (around $40).  Their prices are affordable and not typical of Manhattan, with the range from $1-$200+.  You can find a great necklace or ring for $25, and the higher-end diamonds and rubies are displayed inside the glass case.

Pippin has enough eccentric pieces that you can make your own creation, like antique keys that could be added to a long layering necklace, or pins that could double as barrettes.  When looking through the packed store, make sure to take some time and open the shallow drawers filled with random extras that cost less than $5 and make you feel like you you’ve discovered a treasure at the bottom of the bargain bin (without the actual rummaging).

Jewelry is not their only specialty, they also have a wide variety of accessories including vintage bags, clutches, belts, scarves, gloves, hats, and more, such as a cosmetic carved mirror from a 1920s Norwegian cruise ship ($30).  Also check out their vintage home goods store next door, where you can find Bauhaus vases, 1950s Coca-Cola crates, and even obscure black-and-white photos for $1.”

Now that you know my jewelry secret shopping spot (located on 17th St. between 6th & 7th) go here for more ideas from this blog.

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Women of Wall Street- new exhibit eeeee!

I recommend that everyone stop by the Museum of American Finance on 48 Wall St. and check out the new exhibition that is opening tomorrow, Women of Wall Street. I am totally excited because I helped in it’s creation- I wrote a couple of the labels, did some research, picked out some of the featured artifacts, and helped with the setup. I think the opening tomorrow is sold out or full or something but I totally recommend that everyone stop by. If I’m around and still interning, I’ll totally give you a personal tour. SCAN0100

From NYT blog…

These past two years have not been kind to the women on Wall Street. Of course, they have not been very kind to anyone. But women executives, a minority in this male-dominated world, have suffered some especially high-profile setbacks.

Sallie L. Krawcheck, the chief executive and chairman for Citi Global Wealth Management, stepped down in a power struggle with the chief executive. Zoe Cruz, a president of Morgan Stanley, was ousted in a shakeup. And Erin Callan, who had ascended to become Lehman Brothers‘ chief financial officer, was pushed out in the early stages of that firm’s collapse.

Even among the lower ranks, the mass downsizing of financial firms has been accompanied by accusations of discrimination.

Nonetheless, women will show up in force next Tuesday for the opening reception for the new “Women on Wall Street” exhibit at the Museum of American Finance. It has generated a lot of interest. “I can’t remember selling out an opening reception,” said Kristin Aguilera, a spokeswoman for the museum. She said they capped the registration at 250 people.

The exhibit, which will run through Jan. 16, is divided into contemporary and historical female figures on Wall Street. The contemporary segment includes interviews with Ms. Krawcheck; Abby Joseph Cohen, a senior investment strategist at Goldman Sachs who made her mark calling the bull market of the 1990s; and Nancy B. Peretsman, the influential head of the media group at the investment bank Allen & Company.

In many ways, the historical figures have the most striking stories. Many made their mark when Wall Street was more insular and misogynistic than it is now. They include a first lady, a self-proclaimed presidential candidate, and the world’s richest (and most miserly) woman.

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I don’t know if you saw the amazing fireworks tonight…

But I did and it was awesome. Did I mention that I have an amazing roof where I can see all of midtown?

The Queensboro Bridge (aka 59th Street Bridge) turns 100 years old this year and New York City is marking the occasion with a fireworks display by Grucci and a week-long Queensboro Bridge Centennial celebration.

The Queensboro Bridge Centennial fireworks display will be designed and produced by Grucci, “America’s first family of fireworks.” New York’s own Gruccis have directed firework displays for seven U.S. Presidential inaugurations, and four Olympic games.
View the Queensboro Bridge Centennial Fireworks
When: May 31, 2009 at 9:15 pm

Where: Fireworks will be launched from the tip of Roosevelt Island.

from here

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Blog of the Day: What Chuck Wore

This blog confused me at first because I thought it was called “What Chuck Whore.”  Now I realize that it’s actually a blog dedicated the fashion of Chuck Bass on GossipGirl which is actually a subject entirely worthy of its own blog. Congrats to the costume designers or wardrobe people or whatever they’re called. Check it out HERE. Also I love the blog’s tagline “…why does he wear so much purple?”

Thanks Nadia

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What do you know about Tally Hall?

1. Tally Hall is this band.  2. The band is full of cute boys (which one is your favorite I don’t even know who can pick just one?).  3.  These cute boys sing awesome songs that are pop-like and fun.  4.  They have a hilarious-super-internet show that Drew briefly participated in dressed as Waldo and he animated some stuffs.

Actually, I saw Tally Hall TWICE this weekend, yeah, really I did – once at the Mercury Lounge in New York and once in Westport, CT.  Here they are:

and this might be my favorite new song of theirs, but I love the last CD too.

Do I sound like a fan girl?  Pshhhh I’m okay with that.  Also these guys are nice and I’ve met them so YEAH i’m THAT COOL.  hehe.

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New Exhibition at the City Reliquary

My favorite museum (which just happens to almost next door my favorite restaurant, Black Betty’s- see below) is having an opening reception this weekend for their new exhibition. I might try to go but I’m going to be in CT shopping for the antiques and such. I would definitely recommend visiting sometime though- I met one of the curators a couple of weekends ago and she assured me that it was going to be awesome.

The Candela Structures

A New York City History Mystery
curated by: Kirsten Hively and Paul Lukas

Reception to be held at:

The City Reliquary Museum370 Metropolitan Av. Williamsburgh, Brooklyn This Saturday May 16th, 2009 From 7 – 10 P.M.(On view through June 28th)For more information, visit:

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The Generational: Younger Than Jesus

Has anyone been to the New Museum recently and checked out their triennial exhibition? I’m curious to see what people think. I should organize an outing to see it- it’s up until July 5th.



I was just looking over the artists and was excited to see one I already knew- Brendan Fowler. I followed his music a couple of years ago via Barr (this song is the single and the single sucks).  It appears that he is playing on June 12th with MEN. Anyone interested?

From New Museum website…

To listen to BARR is to jump into Brendan Fowler’s head, to enter a jumble of memory, laughter, fear and perseverance. His songs are built from tiny, heart-tugging piano melodies, insistent drumming, and a singular voice that is as relentlessly obsessive and anxious as it is cheerful and celebratory. These distinctive qualities have made BARR a popular favorite at both underground venues like The Smell and legendary performance spaces like The Kitchen.

MEN is a Brooklyn-based band and art/performance collective that focuses on the energy of live performance and radical potential of dance music. Comprised of JD Samson (Le Tigre), Johanna Fateman (Le Tigre), Michael O’Neill (Princess), Ginger Brooks Takahashi (The Ballet) and Emily Roysdon, the group speaks to issues such as wartime economies, sexual compromise, and demanding liberties. Propulsive, literate, and subtly complex, their songs draw upon the history of subversive music, from Talking Heads to Timbaland, to create a breathless, future-minded sound

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May Day!

From Wikipiedia…

May Day occurs on May 1 and refers to Haymarket incident or any of several public holidays.[1] In many countries, May Day is synonymous with International Workers’ Day, or Labour Day, which celebrates the social and economic achievements of the labour movement. As a day of celebration the holiday has ancient origins, and it can relate to many customs that have survived into modern times.

If you want to support worker’s rights and have some fun, there is a march from Chinatown to Union Square that starts at 2:00pm today- meet at corner  of Grand & Chrystie

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Train issues

this is fake, obvs.

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worst. tagline. ever.

from Wooster

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more culture for you this Friday


Times are tough all around – rollercoaster stock markets, job losses by the hundreds of thousands, bipartisan bickering with no relief in sight. It’s even tougher for 501 (c) (3) non-profit Community Museums. So the City Reliquary is hosting a fundraiser to raise some of (last month’s!) rent.

A Modern Day Depression-Era Fundraiser!
Friday February 27th 7-11pm

BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE SOME RENT? is a Modern Day Depression-Era Fundraiser held in our backroom and backyard. For a minimum $10 tax-deductible donation at the door, you can come and participate in scores of historical diversions and entertainments circa 1935.

In our own backyard Hooverville, you’ll find:

• Pie the Landlord! That’s right – the City Reliquary will have our very own cigar-chomping, unshaven, smelly Landlord demanding our rent! Tell him where to shove it with a whipped cream pie in his face! (see PICTURE below!!)
• Madame LuLu LoLo, Fortune Teller Extraordinaire: She Sees All and Knows All and Your Fortune Might Help Pay Our Rent!
• Hobo Photos a Go-Go: Take your picture in our hand painted carnival sign. Remember the Recession of ’09 with a photographic keepsake!
• Depression-era movies: shown on the projector in the backyard. Laugh it up with Mae West, the Marx Brothers and James Cagney.
• Oil drum fires: (and more modern propane heaters) to keep you warm while you chill in the cold. All fires will be regulated carefully by official FDNY supervision!
• DIY Fingerless Gloves Table! Because nothing says Depression-chic than rockin’ a pair of fingerless gloves!
• Prohibition-era Beer provided by the Brooklyn Brewery and Depression-era “Rum” Punch provided by the City Reliquary at contemporary-recession era prices.
• DJ Stacher playing hits from the economically challenged 1930s (Harlem Jazz) and 1970s (early Rap); as well as Big Money tracks from the 1980s (disco) and 2000s (electro). Get down!

All entertainments and diversions will be priced at the Depression-friendly rates of $2-5 a pop. All proceeds go to help the City Reliquary pay (last month’s, and this one’s) rent.

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woa did you hear about this?

Michel Gondry is making an episode of Flight of the Conchords. Who has HBO and will let me watch at their place on Feb 15th? puhlease…..

From Very Short List

Quirky French director Michel Gondry (The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) teams up with HBO’s equally off-kilter series, The Flight of the Conchords, and the resulting episode — “Unnatural Love,” which airs February 15 — is pure, unadulterated pleasure.

The Conchords, of course, are a New Zealand folk band. But the love interest here is Australian, and that allows for endless, over-the-top Aussie jokes (expect plenty of references to the continent’s criminal past). As for Gondry, his distinctive, dreamlike touch turns both of the episode’s musical numbers into surreal showstoppers.

ps. i think jemaine is cuter than bret. what. what. what. what?

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Renegade Craft Fair 2knine

…is all over the place. you’ve been warned.

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“blog” of the day: i lego n.y.

i don’t know if this actually counts as a blog (it’s blog-like)  but several people sent this to me (including exintern dan who posted it on his gchat status message first and therefore “wins”).  beautiful little set of photos from cristopher niemann of tiny things made out of legos that remind him of nyc.

check more here

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Important announcement re: this Saturday

If wordpress still won’t let you embed Vimeo (boo!), click here:

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haley joel makes an ass of himself again

way to be a dickface yet again haley….

From Gothamist (who got it from Curbed)

The mysterious case of The Penistrator—an unidentified “snowfitti” vandal who’s been drawing phallic symbols on snowy cars parked in the East Village this winter—has taken a shocking, unexpected turn. EV Grieve, who regrets that he lacks the “resources to properly track this fiend,” has learned that the perpetrator may be none other than Sixth Sense star and NYU student Haley Joel Osment. TMZ posted this photo of a snow-fingered Osment earlier this month, with the headline “I See D***, People.” Guess we can close the file on that one!

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another brooklyn blog…

BROOKLYN 11211. this one reports on development and happenings in williamsburg, greenpoint, and bushwick. it’s kind of like newyorkshitty with fewer pictures and more neighborhood news and politics. i liked this picture of redhook and the reports on bk bikelanes.

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miss gossip girl tonight?

Here’s nora’s recap for you…

Nora: um

9:07 PM gossip girl is hoorible?
9:12 PM me: SHIT
i forgot
Nora: hahaha
me: fuck fuck fuck
will i understand if i turn on now?
9:13 PM Nora: oooh fun!
It’s over, love

9:20 PM me: oh shit
it ends at 9
i forget
9:21 PM i can probs get it on itunes though
Nora: yeah, but it’s barely worth the $2
9:22 PM me: really?
why did it suck so bad?
Nora: yeah
because it’s all about getting in to yale
me: oh
i saw that preview
with the new teacher?
looked lame…
Nora: yeah
9:23 PM guess what? there’s a new teacher
and Blair is all “Ah! I got a B! YALLLEEEEEEE”
and the teach is like “Blah! I’m new! I did Teach for America!!! YALE”
and then there’s some weird kissing
and an attempted rape
and YALE!
there, you’re caught up
9:24 PM me: aw
now i dont have to see it

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too soon?

missed connections post….

You looked cold, but cute – m4w – 54 (Hudson River)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2009-01-15, 5:17PM EST

We evacuated the plane together and were standing near each other on the starboard wing. I thought I saw you glance in my direction a couple times and I thought you were really cute, but I wasn’t brave enough to say hello and besides, you were listening to your iPod and I didn’t want to interrupt. I was the guy with the orange flotation vest and Gucci loafers. Tell me what color my tie was. Next time we crash land, I will get up the nerve to say hello!

  • Location: Hudson River
  • it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

PostingID: 994376146

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I don’t really know what ascii code is

But this is an NYC subway map in ascii code

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Dear Gossip Girl rap

these guys did the waterfall rap too.

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My new favorite couple: Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler

My dad has always loved CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ and I’ve finally admitted to myself that I love it. Today’s episode feature Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler- two fabulous people who happen to be in love. And are perhaps the coolest couple I’ve ever seen. I love Jonathan’s style and Simon’s, too. And they’re sassy and like the word “moxie” (one of my favorites). Also, Simon just said “I love working in a store. If Virginia Woolf had worked in a store, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten depressed.”

They met on a blind date. ADORABLE. I love Simon because he dresses department store windows. My grandma did that for years and years. And Jonathan is from Jersey and went to Brown and loves bright colors and hippos. And describes his stuff as “very classical but with just a little bit of moxie.”

God I love them. I also love the ‘Sunday Morning” chose to play the clip from ‘Top Design’ where Jonathan tells Preston his flower arrangement “fails kind of on every level.”

Fuck you, Preston.

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couple we like: beyonce/sasha fierce and jayz

from a knicks game last weekend.

they are seriously the cutest. she keeps touching his leg with her heels of death though…

thanks simone. from HERE

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Blog of the Day: illdoctrine

As of this morning, I’m obsessed with the ill doctrine blog (or vlog, whatever…) This guy makes witty videos about hiphop and politics mostly but I recommend his post on Wal-E as well. The ludacris/obama and “no homo” posts are also awesome. Here is one on hipster rap (think lilmama)…
Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about "Hipster Rap", posted with vodpod

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Blog of the Day: I Can Haz Hipsterz

There aren’t many but the ones they do have are good…

see more HERE
spanks nadia

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happy thanksgiving

did anyone else watch the parade? no garfield this year….

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I wish my computer could do that…

Get more HERE

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Barnard Zine Library

I’m just amazed that I can search for zine by topic on the Columbia/Barnard online library catalog and then check them out. Rad. I love that Barnard also has a zine librarian. Probably ranks in top ten coolest jobs ever.

Check out the website- has links to places you can buy zines in the city and BK and some articles about academia/librarianship and zines HERE.

Maybe you guys all knew about zine libraries in schools and public libraries, but this stuff is new to me. When I was young, we had to walk uphill 3 miles in the snow both ways (or drive to Columbus) to the nearest collective/infoshop/coffeehouse to BUY your zine. You kids these days have it easy….

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Flip flops & socks are never OK, even if there is a product designed for this combo

found the ad for flip flop socks in my customized gmail ads .. I think because I was gchatting about taking off my heels last night and walking the streets of New York in borrowed socks.  Dirty girl.  

i’d post the link to buy flip flop socks but i’m not encouraging that behavior.

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get it.

via freewilliamsburg via gothamist:

And related, only because it involves the subway: A Free Williamsburg writer was on a L train (of course) with a woman was watching hardcore porn on her iPod and saying, “Oh, here we go, here we go, THERE YOU GO, GET IT, GET IT, OHhhhhhh Damn, let’s get a close-up, zoom in, wake up New York check this shit out, close-up New York City!!!”

almost as good as the time i saw a woman start trying to hit some dancing kids and telling them “i wish i had my knife.”

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these bike riders in traffic=no

edit (first post was too hasty): this will not embed (damn you vimeo). i guess that these guys are good bike riders, but they are idiots. if nora saw most them, she’d start yelling at them for not wearing helmets.

but the parts&labor song used in the video is good, so props for the music choice.

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You’re the shit girl…

dan called me out for having this video on my gchat status message earlier this week and now i can’t get this song out of my head

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let’s free John McCain

This first piece – “Free John McCain” – is a satire about an alternate universe where McCain defects from the GOP and unleashes his inner liberal.


Adam’s friend did this. I like how you can recognize all the locations, like Union Square and the escalator inside Philene’s Basement/ DSW on 14th Street. Well done!

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a little bit…of lykke li

Guess who played a sold out CMJ show with Micachu at Bowery tonight? Yeah….lykki li….

Here is a story for you- I met this girl on her first US tour about a year and a half ago on a Thursday night at Hiro ballroom. I was pretty drunk though and I mostly just remember going crazy and dancing on stage. My friend had to remind me about the cool girl I met, Lykke Li who opened for the headliner who I don’t even remember now. The point is that I’ve been listening to Little Bit for a while now and I’m glad that she is blowing up and on Victoria Secret commercials and whatnot. Though I am pissed that I couldn’t get into her show tonight….

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watch last year’s parade in action here. Yay! I’m hoping for some bee dogs. Tompkins Square Park @ noon!

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if you see something, say something

also, don’t ride on the outside of trains, don’t run to catch a train, don’t walk between trains, let people get off before walking on with your bicycle and no eating on trains/putting bags or feet on seats (the last one is apparently a new one- my roommate got a ticket a couple weeks ago from a cop for putting his feet on the seat across from him. matate.) did i forget any others?

pic from Wooster

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New Yorker Fiction podcast

Did you know you can listen to the New Yorker for freee!?  I downloaded a bunch of episodes of the fiction podcast, which is really great.  An author reads another author’s work, and then discusses with the host.  Made my subway ride home really nice today.. but don’t play this month’s unless you can handle sad.. not too shocking, it was “Dog Heaven” by Stephanie Vaughn, read by Tobias Wolff.   Sad but good!  Download here or on iTunes.

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I almost got into fight with Haley Joel Osment

the post aka “How Haley Joel Osment ruined my Stereolab concert”

Last night I attended the Stereolab/LeLoup concert at Irving Plaza- very cool. I had never seen LeLoup before (our friend Sam’s band) so it was really great to see them play and the set was really different from the album, and Sam was really fun to watch and funny between songs. So we leave our really great front row spot to snatch another drink before Stereolab goes on and by the time we get back, our place is gone and the floor is really crowded. We squeeze up through the mass of people and to get close to our friends. Turns out no one was in this spot because there was an annoying group of kids on the left. Turns out the annoying kids are Haley Joel Osment + gf + friends. He bumped me a couple of times, waved his hands in my face and knocked my drink out of my hand (then apologized, offered to buy me another drink and then never did), danced the whole set (an hour and a half!), crawled on the floor a couple of times looking for his ‘water’ on the floor, and even attempted to partner dance with his gf in the very crowded space. I wish I had a video recorder because it was hilarious to watch when he wasn’t shouting “Emperor Tomato Ketchup 1995!” or hitting me in the face. We think he was tripping. tells me he is only 20 years old so he wasn’t drinking….

Anyways, my friend Kim actually almost got into a fight with Haley. He was kinda provoking her and she tried to dance back at him but then she slipped and accidentally kicked our other friend Nadia in the shins.


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In light of the financial crisis, dress like a hobo

My sister sent this article to me with the message “These clothes are not affordable in tough economic times. Sorry, NY Times, you are wrong.”

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Singing on Ugly Betty!!

YAYY!   This video is just clips, but the cast of Ugly Betty obviously recorded this version of New York, New York at some point..(they film in NY now right?) I can’t wait for this show to start back up on Thursday and I really hope there is a musical number.  Remember Vanessa Williams was a singer!!.. I think it was ‘Sometimes the snow comes down in June’.. blahblahblah.. yeah I know the words and that is sad. SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST was the name of that song and I didn’t even have to Google.  OH, yes there IS a music video… take it away Wilhelmina Slater.. 

Youtube is saying it isn’t available but that’s not true!!  HERE is the link.  PS – Thank GOD for DVR so I can watch the Office and Ugly Betty without having to pick between them.

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Waterfall Rap Crap

You know those waterfall installations that were a big deal a couple months ago?  Well here is a rap about it.

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Intellectuals are the WORST..

so lets drink our coffee at McDonalds!  


McD’s is launching a new anti-Starbucks ad campaign.. it goes something like this: “In the 30-second “Intellectuals” spot, a woman sitting in a leather chair, sipping coffee in front of a fireplace with piano music playing in the background, tells her friend about McDonald’s new lattes, and says, “Now we don’t have to listen to jazz all day long.” The commercial ends with a voice-over saying, ‘Try McDonald’s McCafe coffees. All the coffee. Hold the attitude.'”

I’m not the biggest fan of Starbucks (except for one special Starbucks), but I have to say McDonalds is being a total dick here.. and sounds a lot like the GOP right now, to be honest. 

Remember when Rudy Giuliani, suggested that the reason Obama was anti-Palin was that Wasilla, AK wasn’t “cosmopolitan” enough for him?  I forget.. Giuliani was the mayor of which American city?  Certainly not one known for CULTURE, right? 

Just wondering when being intellectual became synonymous with being a douchebag.  Jazz is superlame, let’s get happy meals.

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Pop-ups are so fall 2008

Yea- a lot of stores have done pop up stores in the past but I feel like this fall there have been more than usual, or cooler ones i’m more interested in visiting.

Like the Target Bullseye Bodega only open from Sept 12-15th in four manhattan locations (i’m posting locations mostly so that I can easily reference and for your information as well- but mostly out of convenience for myself).

101 57th Street at 6th
Union Square:
813 Broadway between 11th and 12th
489 Broome Street between Wooster
and West Broadway
West Broadway East Village:
325 Bowery at 2nd

And then French boutique Colette(check out their website and their hott jams) is doing some funky, brilliant collaboration in the flagship Gap store for one month (9/6-10/5). This event/installation/store is so epic, it has it’s own cutesy website-

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Brooklyn = Nevada, Manhattan = Idaho

Thanks SwissMiss. And yeah, I kind of jacked your post title. I’m sorry, I just wasn’t being very creative.

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Who wanted to go to the art parade?

Updated: art parade has been canceled for weather related issues- rar


September 06, 2008
Along West Broadway from Houston to Grand Street

Deitch Projects, Creative Time and Paper Magazine are pleased to announce the fourth annual Art Parade. The parade will take place on Saturday, September 6th, at 4:00 PM on West Broadway. Following the success of the past three Art Parades, we have again invited artists, performers and designers to create floats, balloons, placards, portable sculptures, performances and street spectacles. This year’s parade will include over 90 projects, including those by Jim Drain, Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, Beta Tank, Yoko Ono, Dzine, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and Kenny Scharf, and will involve over 900 participants, making this the largest and most dynamic Art Parade yet.

Deitch Gallery is the best! (seriously check out their site) I imagine that their parade will be lots o fun AND they are doing some event with East Village Radio on Sunday. The Vivian Girls, one of my new favorite bands, will be playing live- jfyi.

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Pretty scented polkadotty trash!

New installation art in NYC – with biodegradable trash bags that beautify the streets of New York while drawing your attention to how much trash we produce. $30 for 10 trash bags. Nice work! Too bad we have a garbage shoot. Join the effort here!

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OMFG Gossip Girl is back on

im excited- we got a fancy atenna at the dollar store and now I can watch gossip girl in my own living room instead of making em and nora dvr it for me. xoxo.

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MIA and Diplo break my heart

Can’t handle…the cuteness….

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Biker dudes save puppies!

From NYT – “They met on the local hot rod scene. They saw one another at tattoo conventions around the area, comparing bikes. They looked like heavies, a band of Hells Angels, with nicknames equally tough: Mike Tattoo, Big Ant, Johnny O, Batso, Sal, Angel, Des.  They meant no harm. Clad in leather, inked to the hilt in skulls and dragons, with images of bloodied barbed wire looped about their necks, they shared something else — a peculiar tenderness for animals, and the intensity needed to act on the animals’ behalf when people abuse them.”

Full slideshow here!

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Runner up- Blog/Site of the Day: The Selby

Photo shoots of cool apartments that belong to cool people in NYC, BK, and LA. I totally snagged some decorating ideas from these fools. The Selby.

I like getting decorating ideas from homes that are actually being lived in, as opposed to showrooms, design mags, etc. It’s refreshing to see cute homes with everyday shit lying around and a little bit o dirt.

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Blog of the Day: Style Rookie, the pint sized fashionista

Apparently this girl is 12 years old and yet writes a witty, cute fashion blog. I totally recommend clicking around it. It’s inspiring me to go through the back of my closet to revamp the old things i love but don’t wear anymore. Thanks Tavi!

From Style Rookie

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Your new home away from home

It’s Diaroogle! This site bills itsself as being “”for the discerning, on-the-go defecator who is brave enough to use a public bathroom, but still demands a hygienic and private bathroom experience.”  Sounds great, right? If ya gotta go, ya gotta go..  with all these accessible toilets, you’d think the subway would smell a little less like pee..

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Becko- park your bike on that naked lady!

via PaperMag.. these supercute bike racks, designed by David Byrne, will be dispersed throughout the city for the next 11 months; then you can buy them. keep your eyes pealed!

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