Brooklyn = Nevada, Manhattan = Idaho

Thanks SwissMiss. And yeah, I kind of jacked your post title. I’m sorry, I just wasn’t being very creative.

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Who wanted to go to the art parade?

Updated: art parade has been canceled for weather related issues- rar


September 06, 2008
Along West Broadway from Houston to Grand Street

Deitch Projects, Creative Time and Paper Magazine are pleased to announce the fourth annual Art Parade. The parade will take place on Saturday, September 6th, at 4:00 PM on West Broadway. Following the success of the past three Art Parades, we have again invited artists, performers and designers to create floats, balloons, placards, portable sculptures, performances and street spectacles. This year’s parade will include over 90 projects, including those by Jim Drain, Barry McGee, Clare Rojas, Beta Tank, Yoko Ono, Dzine, The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black and Kenny Scharf, and will involve over 900 participants, making this the largest and most dynamic Art Parade yet.

Deitch Gallery is the best! (seriously check out their site) I imagine that their parade will be lots o fun AND they are doing some event with East Village Radio on Sunday. The Vivian Girls, one of my new favorite bands, will be playing live- jfyi.

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Pretty scented polkadotty trash!

New installation art in NYC – with biodegradable trash bags that beautify the streets of New York while drawing your attention to how much trash we produce. $30 for 10 trash bags. Nice work! Too bad we have a garbage shoot. Join the effort here!

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OMFG Gossip Girl is back on

im excited- we got a fancy atenna at the dollar store and now I can watch gossip girl in my own living room instead of making em and nora dvr it for me. xoxo.

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MIA and Diplo break my heart

Can’t handle…the cuteness….

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Biker dudes save puppies!

From NYT – “They met on the local hot rod scene. They saw one another at tattoo conventions around the area, comparing bikes. They looked like heavies, a band of Hells Angels, with nicknames equally tough: Mike Tattoo, Big Ant, Johnny O, Batso, Sal, Angel, Des.  They meant no harm. Clad in leather, inked to the hilt in skulls and dragons, with images of bloodied barbed wire looped about their necks, they shared something else — a peculiar tenderness for animals, and the intensity needed to act on the animals’ behalf when people abuse them.”

Full slideshow here!

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Runner up- Blog/Site of the Day: The Selby

Photo shoots of cool apartments that belong to cool people in NYC, BK, and LA. I totally snagged some decorating ideas from these fools. The Selby.

I like getting decorating ideas from homes that are actually being lived in, as opposed to showrooms, design mags, etc. It’s refreshing to see cute homes with everyday shit lying around and a little bit o dirt.

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Blog of the Day: Style Rookie, the pint sized fashionista

Apparently this girl is 12 years old and yet writes a witty, cute fashion blog. I totally recommend clicking around it. It’s inspiring me to go through the back of my closet to revamp the old things i love but don’t wear anymore. Thanks Tavi!

From Style Rookie

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Your new home away from home

It’s Diaroogle! This site bills itsself as being “”for the discerning, on-the-go defecator who is brave enough to use a public bathroom, but still demands a hygienic and private bathroom experience.”  Sounds great, right? If ya gotta go, ya gotta go..  with all these accessible toilets, you’d think the subway would smell a little less like pee..

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Becko- park your bike on that naked lady!

via PaperMag.. these supercute bike racks, designed by David Byrne, will be dispersed throughout the city for the next 11 months; then you can buy them. keep your eyes pealed!

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Polar bears

Have you NY peoples seen these?

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Sadly, I have plans tomorrow

But if I didn’t, I’d totes be there:

Are you a crazed Of Montreal fan? Do you live in or near New York City? Are you 21 or older? Well do I have some good news for you. Of Montreal guitarist and all-around swell fella the Late B.P. Helium posted this message on the E6 Townhall:

hey kids,

there will be a small listening party for Skeletal Lamping at a bar in Manhattan tomorrow night, July 23rd.

the bar is called HI-FI. it’s 21+
the address is 169 Avenue A.

He also added that the record will be played likely between 10pm and 12:30am. Oh, and there’s a $3 beer special. In Kentucky, $3 beer isn’t exactly special; but I guess that’s New York for you, beer costs three bucks, but you get to hear the new Of Montreal record early.

that’s from YANP

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Another bad way to die

I don’t know if anyone else saw this, but a body was found in a shed at McCarren pool yesterday. Since i’ve been to the pool about a gazillion times this summer, i was a little shocked and grossed out. (Read more here)

I told Jack about it and here were his thoughts…

me: yo
did you hear about this?
me: so scary
its been there for months!
Jack: WHAT
WHO COULD IT BE?!? who is missing from hipsterdom/whose body would send the best message to the hipster world that organized crime “ain’t gonna take anymore rattails’n’neon, ka-peeesh?!?”
o man
this is not something to joke about
me: i bet its a drunk dude- homelessperson
cold in the winter and died
Jack: :(
so sad
never let them find my body
if I go missing
i just
i don’t want to be found
me: you just want to decompose somewhere?
Jack: meh i guess
or like
and then baked into cakes
and then feed the cakes
to cats
who like cake
Nom nom nom
it are my birfday
and then
give those cats haircuts
and then cut up my favorite clothes into tiny, cat-sized facsimile outfits of shit I would wear
and dress those cats up like tiny versions of me
and make a calendar
and then have a parade
maybe serve the leftover cake
to people this time
that’s all I want

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Hot as balls


I love Lin-Manuel, I just saw In the Heights last weekend and it was amaaazin.  But jokes about balls are always good.

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“It’s the dental floss of feminine fitness”

For reals, there’s a vagina spa.  New York Times reports..


JIC you don’t have enough to worry about, your vagee probably needs to go to the salon.. Called Phit (Pelvic Health Integrated Techniques).. I can’t get over it. Ugh.

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Stained-glass window/ad art

from WoosterCollective

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An alternative to sending lame dudes to the island..

NY Mag today has some interesting tidbits on scorned women taking revenge on men.  My favorite anecdote:

“Take, for instance, 23-year-old Kristina Caban, who persuaded a Guy Who Never Called to meet up with her at the Chelsea Inn — then Tasered him and used hot metal to brand an “R” on his torso.”

I generally say that the loser guys who don’t call back get sent to “the island for lost men” (see illustration below).

Once on the island, his number/email address is deleted (except for maybe a text message saying “FYI -you’re on the island” ..ahem, Liz).. and that’s that.  Sounds pretty tame to me, now.  Maybe I need a taser. hehe.

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Tomorrow! Don’t forget!

more info here!


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YAY! I’m going to see Kanye!

Glow in the Dark tour

Does this mean I have to stop saying “I hate concerts?”   Thank you Dan for the pre-sale code, because now I am the happiest girl in the world.

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Walk of Shame


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Blog of the Day:

Your Guide to Free Booze

This is more of a mailing list than a blog but I thought I would post it anyways. It truly is your guide to free booze in the city. My Open Bar gives you a weekly schedule of promo events and parties with hella cheap drink deals or open bar. It also rates the events and provides clever little blurbs ala vice do’s and dont’s to help you decide whether they’re worth the effort. I feel like this would really come in handy when you have a guest in town and you don’t know what to do with them.

ps. i really like the banner art by Hope Gangloff. Check out her site here.

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Who wants in?

Roy Lichtenstein @ Gagosian.. I love pop art, and this review is pretty great .. “Based on cartoons and mostly blond, they are anonymous, beautiful and often unhappily bothered, usually by men. Or, if you like, by boys.”  

That sums it up, pretty much.  Exhibit is up til June 28th.

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