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maybe allposters.com isn’t that bad

I always thought AllPosters.com was kind of just for buying that “Hang in There” poster with the cat, or a glow in the dark Bob Marley poster, but turns out they have some cute shit, like the book posters I posted about recently and these adorable guitar wall decals:

And I kind of like this New York set:

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Pandaphants. They’re hilarious.

My sister sent me this a few weeks ago, and I should be punished for not posting it immediately. It’s amazing.

From BuzzFeed:

At the Bangkok Zoo, people stopped visiting the elephants, because they were more interested in the pandas. So zookeepers did the only logical thing. By which I mean the dumbest, weirdest thing. Here’s how that turned out.


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Book posters – my new design want

I’m trying to steer clear of bring more gig posters into our apartment, and while searching through Livingetc.com, I came across this:

I’m now totally obsessed with book posters.This is one of my favorites:

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Mmmyyyyy hearrrrrtttttt

So maybe it’s because Em and I watched some “Say Yes to the Dress” tonight, but it might also just be that this video is fucking awesome. Thanks to Dan for showing it to me.
Also, dare you not to be crying by the end.



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Canvas bag backlash

These crack me up

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New movie you must see

I can’t figure out when this movie is coming to theaters. But…I need to see it.

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I think Becky will like this

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I love ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’

…and I love Peter Sagal even more after watching this, his 1988 appearance on Jeopardy:

Dan sent that to me ages ago, but I’m just getting around to posting it now. Nora fail.

Also, I love this story he wrote for the NY Times Magazine in 2007. So adorable.

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Probably the best gig poster I’ve ever seen

And I’m not even that big of a Loretta Lynn fan. But seriously.

From F2 Design.

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love these tiles

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It feels like years since I’ve posted  on CWL, so I’m going to make up for it now.

First, let’s look at this kitchen: great color and hardware, no? I think it’s cute.

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Breaking news: Dane Cook isn’t funny

Is anyone else watching him on Conan right now? Mmmm, not funny. He tells stories worse than I do.

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Compy chair

this looks really really usefully

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Cool rug

this is a cool rug. i want it.


from Apartment Therapy

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RIP Anna Bag,

This is the best bag LeSportSac makes, Nora and I can both confirm that.  But now it’s DISCONTINUED!!   WHYYY?!  It is what we’ve called “clown car bag” because so much shit fits in it and it doesn’t even look bulky.  Observe below (though this is a pattern I hate):

I even wrote them a damn email.  I say lets boycott until Anna is back.

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Frank Lloyd Wright via Lego

I love me some Frank Lloyd Wright. And I love me some Lego. I mean, who doesn’t? People who don’t love Lego suck.

Anywho, Lego has a new Architecture series, and they’ve got two Frank Lloyd Wright sets on the way. Just a reminder that my birthday is approaching.

The two sets are Fallingwater and The Guggenheim.

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Candles that are ELECTRIFYINGLY cool

Oh I’m hilarious. Check out that awesome headline.

Anyway, these are candlesticks. But they look like plugs. Best.

From here via Apartment Therapy

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Need a new rug? Meow you don’t!

A few of us here at CWL have moved or moved into new apartments recently, and I for one have been on the hunt for a new living room rug. Well, I should say that I WAS on the hunt until I found this one:

Only $29! What a steal!

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These two videos will rock your world and yeah, fuck you, one is Taylor Swift

So, these two videos are awesome. Yeah, one is Taylor Swift’s video for her song about how much she loves her mom. It makes me think about watching home videos with my dad. I love doing that. So yeah, here’s the video that will make you cry, but don’t worry, there’s a video that will make you laugh your balls or ovaries off that I posted after it.

So here’s the video that’s hilarious and probably the best video ever. So best it’s the best of everything.

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Do not want

This isn’t cute. Or even kitschy. It’s just gross.

No thanks, Design Milk.

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I wake Emily up every day

So this roundup of really annoying alarm clocks is a real FYI for her. Of course, I’m partial to Clocky, but there are some great highlights:

This one you have to “diffuse” to get it to shut up.

This one you have to hit the target.

There’s also my favorite alarm clock, which is when I call Emily when I walk to work from Dan’s house. So I guess, in that case, I’m the alarm clock.

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This cat is named Nora

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wood prints

I know I haven’t posted in a really long time. Sorry folks. But here’s this really cool art that Bryan Nash Gill makes by- well – I mean, the pictures kind of explain it.

So beautiful. More info here. Via DesignVerb.

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Nora, you will like

There are so many more pictures.

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This is what I dream

Eames dreams

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The coolest My Little Ponies you will ever see

Speaking of My Little Ponies…

I think my sister Margaret showed me Mari Kasurinen‘s Star Wars-themed My Little Ponies a few months ago, and I really should have posted about them back then. In case it’s not immediately obvious to you, these are the greatest things in the universe. Not just because they’re really cool conceptually, but because they’re spot on. Take, for example, My Little Edward Scissorhands:

That pony has the exact same emotion as Johnny Depp does. Yeah yeah, I know. It’s a My Little Pony that’s dressed up like Edward Scissorhands. Ha ha. But it’s crazy awesome.

Also, the Joker. I know it’s a My Little Pony, but it’s just about as creepy as Heath Ledger was.

Not all of them are dark and creepy. Some are really super funny and sweet:

Heman (Dan’s favorite)

Anyway, these are fantastic. Check out others (Boba Fett, Han Solo, Cewie, The Bride from Kill Bill, Alien, Predator, etc) on Mari’s website.

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I want to be burried in the middle of this circle

It looks so peaceful.

This reminds me of when I was a little girl and I used to arrange all my My Little Ponies in a circle around me. And if I was feeling particularly amitious, I’d use my troll dolls, too.

Anyway, this artist (Brooke Inman) uses colored pencils, photographs, markers and other shit to do this. I can just imagine Emily watching me do something like this and saying “You’re stressing me out!”

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Your vote required – which bathing suit is more likely to appear in your nightmares?

So my sister and I had a race tonight to find the world’s ugliest bathing suit. Here are the three that I think are the absolute worst. Please vote on which one you believe to be most unflattering.

Option A

From Victoria’s Secret for $164 (I shit you not)

Option B

Also from Vicky’s, but amazinly on sale for $34 (they’re practically giving them away…gee, I guess NOBODY WANTED TO BUY IT)

Option C

From Delias for $29.50

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this is what it looks like when kittens giggle

Via Zooborns

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New Improv Everywhere makes me happy

Emily: I love watching New Yorkers’ cold hearts melt.

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We need this for the Idiotarod next year


From my new favorite Chair Blog

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If I ever tell you I want to watch Gossip Girl…

shoot me in the face please. Because this show is terrible. Seriously. It’s a brain abortion.


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chuga chuga chuga CHOO CHOO: All Aboard the Murakami Train!!!

So the fantastic (c) Murakami exhibit (which we saw at the Brooklyn Museum) is now in Spain, and I have to say, I loooove how they’re promoting the exhibit on the trains!!

Pictures from Arrested Motion

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Grain Edit’s interview with Frank Chimero

I’m a big fan of Frank Chimero. His state illustrations are fantastic (when’s New York, Frank? Or Vermont, or Indiana??), and I used to have this inspirational poster as my desktop at work for a while (the “Aw, Damnit” part got to me, eventually). Anyway, Grain Edit interviewed Frank recently, and it’s really fascinating. I’m not even a graphic designer or much of an artist (though I’m known to doodle geometric shapes on notebooks at work).

The whole interview is a great read, but my favorite part is when Frank describes how he comes up with the ideas for the states. Here’s an excerpt:

Here, I’m trying out a few ideas. Something long and curling? An alligator? A fish? A manatee? Nah. That manatee doesn’t look like one. It’s too skinny. Not cowish enough. Doesn’t work well with the shape. The alligator is nice, but too predictable? His legs don’t integrate in very nicely into the shape. A train? Oh. Wow. That’s nice. Maybe we can use the smoke to trail off to the left to fill that difficult space. Ok. Bingo!

So cool. Anyway, Frank also mentions this great video he did for Good Magazine. I hadn’t seen it before and I suggest you watch it both for his great drawings and for the info.

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Apparently, rugs are back in as wall hangings

Which, I kind of disagree with. But this shit is fun. I’d say it’s even a little much for me though.

From Apartment Therapy.

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This site scans sandwiches and then posts them. Awesome.

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Oh man, Barbie + JONATHAN ADLER = MY dream house

So Jonathan Adler designed a real Barbie Dream House in honor of her 50th birthday. And. It’s. Awesome. Photos below from LAist.

LOVE those chairs. More amazing photos here

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More toilets I want

Wish you could flush potatoes using less water? Well, you’re in luck.

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Happy Birthday CrapWeLike!

Today is CWL’s 1 year anniversary!  In celebration,  here are our top three posts most trafficked posts of all time (sorry, definitely not our BEST posts..)

#3:  NSFW, unless you’re on someone else’s work computer

aka – the post about the Verizon guy looking up kind of dirty vids on my work computer including Man With World’s Biggest Penis and this:

#2:  Suri Cruise is so cute my eyes can’t compute

#1 – For Liz

Honorable mention goes to this dog is better than michael phelps.

Top search engine referral terms for the year: ed westwick, bulldog puppies, michael phelps, suri cruise, the hills, nom nom nom

in conclusion: Gossip Girl, Suri Cruise and penis vids are the way to go.  Here’s to another year of CWL and maybe actually moving over to crapwelike.com.. somedayy, I promise.

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Sleeping Bag suit

can I wear this to my wedding??

Sleeping bag suits. Do Want. Thanks Swiss Miss.

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I want this Toilet

We’ve all had awkward moments in an “away bathroom” situation (as Liz Lemon would say), but that’s why everyone should have a toilet with the capacity to flush 3.5 LBS OF DOGFOOD. Gracefully.

I promise it’s worth the headache of clicking this link and letting it load:


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Make a font of your handwriting



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A little wrong, right?

Really wrong, actually

Obama sushi. Watch the whole process here.

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Change I can believe in

This is for my brother, Tony.

Sadly, they’re sold out from here

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No I am not getting paid by Overstock

but seriously, these are some awesome knock-offs

The Classic: Eames Molded Plastic Rocker from DWR ($479)

The Overstock Knock-off: Vinnie White Cradle Chair from Overstock ($159.99)


The Classic: Nelson Platform Bench – 60 inches long from DWR ($779)


The Overstock Knock-Off: Slat Bench in Black from Overstock ($239.99)

Now your turn:

One of the chairs below is $1,229, the Saarinen Tulip Armless Chairfrom DWR. The other is the Redd White Chair for $169.99 from Overstock. option12


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Sleeping bag bear


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Circle chair reminds me of that Yo Mamma joke

When yo mamma sits around the house, she sits AROUND THE HOUSE

But books

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sharks are no longer killing machines

from this article:

University of Florida shark researcher George Burgess says the number of reported shark attacks worldwide dipped to a five year low last year.

there is only one solution to this problem. a masked crime spree/dance party:

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I mean, I’m not complaining, but there must have been a reason beyond making something I’d love.

Emily says “I’m really into Colbert minus glasses.”

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I just wish Ugly Betty didn’t suck so much lately

It’s SO TERRIBLE and I used to LOVE it. Now Christina’s like 800 months pregnant, and Betty’s TAKING HER DOWN THE RUNWAY.

Seriously. I just want to tell everyone to stop watching this show. Just rewatch season 1.

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just keep watching until about 1 minute in

and then your mind will be blown

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Steph, doesn’t your friend’s house use bowling balls, too?

Oh god, it’s late and I’m also kind of a bastard, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of your family friend that has that awesome house in DC and that adorable kid Teddy…and she’s a food stylist. Fuck what is her NAME?

I loved her house. And I vaguely remember there being bowling balls that lined the walkway up to her house. Am I dreaming this? Did I just think her house was so awesome that I dreamed an additional awesome thing for it?

Anyway, this photo reminded me of her house and how awesome it is/was. Please tell her I say hello.

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Andrew Holder is pretty sweet

Hi Andrew Holder. You’re pretty cool. Maybe I’ll buy some of your prints.

I really really like these.

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Love this love seat


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What’s the $700 difference here?

The above tall blue stool is $846 from Unica Home

And yet this one below is $104 from Overstock. Please explain the difference.

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The video is cool, and the song is growing on me

It’s called “Her Morning Elegance” by Oren Lavie. I thought the song was annoying at first, but it grew on me.

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Idiotarod NYC 2009

Fuck Yeah Sharks!

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Important announcement re: this Saturday

If wordpress still won’t let you embed Vimeo (boo!), click here: http://vimeo.com/2862454

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