America’s Next Top Dunk

Oh Tyra. You wooed us to stay up late tonight watching the season premiere of ANTM Cycle 410934873596 (that’s the exact number of “cycles” they’ve done). You won tonight, I’ll give you that. But whenever I look at you and your head full of thoughts of world domination and awareness-spreading intentions (see: this cycle’s contestant Isis), all I can think of is that time when Spencer and Heidi came to your show and said something so racist that the whole universe should had been shocked but you were too stupid to notice.

(I can’t find the clip anywhere else online except from The Soup, which is great, I effing love The Soup, but just skip to about 6:28 in…)

I’m sorry. That’s just ridic-ba-dunk-a-dunk-ulous.

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Michael Phelps’s Swimmers

From here

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Worse than Yoda the Cat

These cats have wings!

I thought I’d give Sarah a break.

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Blog of the Day: Sexy People

So I thought I would get a head start on tomorrow and start posting again at midnight. This one comes care of Junior. Thanks.

Bravo! Great jlog!

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Wow, who knew?

Those two annoying and forgetable Project Runway designers are actually a couple. The video doesn’t work for me, but I don’t have sound anyway. Let me know if it’s at all amusing. Anyone think that the designers this year haven’t been all that impressive?

And for my own attempt at BOD: The Onion AV Club does a really good Project Runway recap . I like how they make fun of Jennifer: “Jennifer was delusional about her own aesthetic right to the end: ‘I brought something different to Project Runway … with my surrealism.’ That word doesn’t mean what you think it means, Jennifer.”

I just realized Jennifer could read this, and now I feeel bad. Sorry, Jennifer.

(I also love Tim’s Take..obvs).

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Michael Phelps doesn’t know how to dress…

From Best Week Ever’s post Is Michael Phelps a Douche?

I don’t think he is a douche- i imagine he spends more time in the pool than he does outside. He probably just doesn’t know how to dress himself because 90% of the time he is wearing a speedo or his 20,000-calories-a-day eating suit.

By the way, who let him into fashion week looking like that?

Another addition:

Eww.  I hate boys in jeans and flip flops.

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Eek! It’s Yoda, the cat

yuck yuck

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Like the song, not the video- thoughts?

I saw Yelle play last winter and I think she is adorable. I think this song is great but not so certain how I feel about the video…and are her outfits McDonald’s themed? I can’t tell.

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Time to start thinking about fall shopping….

I remember my mom commenting on all the dressed up geese in Ohio towns.

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What to wear to a McCarren Pool Party

Guess what hipsters? The Brits are on to you!!! Topshop tells you how to dress for Williamsburg:

Stupid Topshop, hipsters are more unique than that.. oh wait, it’s time to not wash my hair and hike up my high-wasted pants and wear my damn sunglasses on the L train, even though it is underground. If this post offends you, then you consider yourself a hipster, which a true hipster would never do. Eh? So there! I think I’m in the clear.

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You were right, Drew

Thanks to pal Drew for sending this my way. He said “My guess is she’ll think it’s ugly but it’s still cool furniture.”

Spot on, Drew. Actually, it’s not that it’s ugly, it’s that it’s messy. Why would I want a messy table? I wouldn’t.

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More Charlotte, VT Google Alerts

It turns out that Vermont is a great place for a nose job. If you’re a big horn sheep, that is. “Bucky”, pictured below, fell and broke his nose a few years ago. Don Carpenter at Wildwood Taxidermy did a fantastic job fixing him up.

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Five days and counting

Today is the fifth day I have spilled coffee on me. Thankfully, today I was smart enough to wear a dark blue dress so you can’t really tell. But I basically smell like a dunkin’ + deodorant.

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Why VT is awesome

So I’m signed up for Google alerts about Charlotte, VT and I was alerted to this blog entry about a dude’s trip to Vermont. I really like his style of writing and what he chose to highlight, including this:

And Nora, they hiked the same mountain we hiked (which may or may not be the only time Nora has gone hiking).

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logos that look alike

love this post from Logo Design Love about logos that look alike:

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FYI, I’m not really into this either

You know, with bright colors and abstract pixelation (sp?), you might think I’d be really into this art. You’d be wrong though. It’s boring.

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Another bad way to die

I don’t know if anyone else saw this, but a body was found in a shed at McCarren pool yesterday. Since i’ve been to the pool about a gazillion times this summer, i was a little shocked and grossed out. (Read more here)

I told Jack about it and here were his thoughts…

me: yo
did you hear about this?
me: so scary
its been there for months!
Jack: WHAT
WHO COULD IT BE?!? who is missing from hipsterdom/whose body would send the best message to the hipster world that organized crime “ain’t gonna take anymore rattails’n’neon, ka-peeesh?!?”
o man
this is not something to joke about
me: i bet its a drunk dude- homelessperson
cold in the winter and died
Jack: :(
so sad
never let them find my body
if I go missing
i just
i don’t want to be found
me: you just want to decompose somewhere?
Jack: meh i guess
or like
and then baked into cakes
and then feed the cakes
to cats
who like cake
Nom nom nom
it are my birfday
and then
give those cats haircuts
and then cut up my favorite clothes into tiny, cat-sized facsimile outfits of shit I would wear
and dress those cats up like tiny versions of me
and make a calendar
and then have a parade
maybe serve the leftover cake
to people this time
that’s all I want

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Worst idea EVER!


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I really love Jim Carrey

I think this is hilarious.  I love that these two mid-nineties stars have found love.   Also, Nora makes fun of me because I can actually quote Liar, Liar.. and I do.

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Face Off!

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I apologize, but this man is humping a cheeto

And I couldn’t just let that go, without sharing.  Thanks to Dlisted, obvs.


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Walk of Shame


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Do you know how hard this is to do at Kareoke night?

Becko, Kim and I can tell you.. it’s hard.

Which Nelly song mentions Vanna White, anyway?

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Blog of the Day: McCain’s daughter’s blogette

No wonder McCain loves The Hills- his daughter Meghan is practically Lauren Conrad’s twin. I kind of perused her blog and it looks like she just kind of travels around the campaign circuit with her sidekick who is making a video or something? I can’t quite figure it out. All I know is that I’m kind of jealous of the huge purses she carries everywhere…

McCAINBLOGETTE: Musings and Pop Culture on the Political Trail (sorry Meghan, it aint no cwl)

UPDATE: holy crap, check out her playlists! I’m shocked to find that we share a lot of the same tunes. I expected to see some Dixie Chicks or Backstreet Boys or something, not Yelle, Hot Chip, the Gossip, the Teenagers, David Bowie- baaaaah blowing my mind!

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even I don’t like this

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In case you were wondering…

This was not my flight home from Guatemala, although I did fly TACA through San Salvador the day after this crash. FAIL.

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Crack is really bad for you

Amy Winehouse + Pete Dougherty + baby mice = really fucking scary. Blake Incarcerated isn’t going to be happy with this, I don’t think.

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another gem from Dlisted.

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Dear Lindsay Lohan:

If your contribution to legging design is built-in knee pads, what do you THINK we’re going to assume you’re doing?

PS- Don’t ruin Ugly Betty.  THANKS.


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Look! Something shiny that I don’t like

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Why do they talk so slow and why don’t their mouths move?

And why can’t I figure out how to post videos?

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Coolest shit ever

This is what comes up first when you Google Image Search ‘coolest shit ever’.

coolest shit ever

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nyc trash as collectible?

This brilliant person decided to put nyc trash in sealed little cubes and sell as ‘sculpture’ for $50 a pop. The dude claims they won’t rot or smell- AND you can get limited edition themed garbage cubes such as Republican National Convention trash and Yankee Stadium opening day trash. Mmmm. Why didn’t I think of this?

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California Selectz

is anyone else excited about American Apparel selling their used shit online besides me?

Their ‘line’ or curated ebay collection or whatever is called California Select. The name is a little lame bit hopefully the clothes will be cooler.

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my ride into the city felt like this today

glumbert – Rush Hour Squeeze

Thanks Tessa for this one.

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First time these hats came off in a WHILE

from The Smoking Gun

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God Bless Americrap

This picture cracks me up.  I hate flags and I hate the Hills and I hate those shorts, most of all.  I hope they’re at Heidiwood.

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Hi, from Wyclef

thanks GFY

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Fat pets: Hedgehog edition

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What kind of fuckery is this..

This is why I love her..

from People.. “Winehouse, 24, was alleged to have headbutted a man outside of a bar who tried to hail her a taxi, according to a detailed account in The Sun. The article is accompanied by a slideshow sequence of photos which include one of the “Rehab” singer walking into a lamppost.”

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ew: anatomically correct shoes

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Heh heh heh heh

I wish I had watched this in english class instead of Waiting for Godot.
Steve isn’t happy. Google. Google.

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How to explain to your kid you got a boob job..

This is real.  It’s a kids book that helps kids understand why their moms got plastic surgery.  As a kid who had a hard time dealing with change, I can appreciate the idea.. but god that’s sick.  I needed the book “My beautiful Mommy with a perm” cause I cried when my beautiful mommy permed her hair once.. then again I cried when we got a new car, and new kitchen cabinets..  maybe I should start a series..

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Enjoy your Tuesday. Hope you’re not an artist!

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non chair for lazy mothers

This disgusts me:

Teach your child that sitting in chairs is what people do. Bean bags are for hippies and lazies.

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Comforting, or just corporate slut?

So this is called the American Comfort Quilt but I think it should really be called the What Can I Buy Today To Feel American? quilt. Makes me feel dirty inside.

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What a kick in the pants

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I’m the fugging winner!

Fug Madness is over, and FYI.. I may not have guessed the final four, but I picked the winner.  And, yes, I did follow the bracket even though I happened to be the only one participating that I knew.  Whatever, I guess that means I win my own pool.  Score!  Thanks Bai Ling!

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If there’s one thing I hate more than Zombies..


Best movie tagline EVER.  Thanks Dlisted, for drawing this to my attention.  I need to update my Myspace & Facebook “favorite movies” sections immediately.   I suggest you do the same.

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Benji Madden considers kickin P. Hilton in the head

Go for it, B. 

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