Steph’s worst nightmare

My roommate Liz and I were just discussing my complicated issues with red velvet cake. And then Facebook revealed this to her. If you want me to come to your wedding, I’m going to have to ask that you don’t have one of these:

Red velvet cupcakes

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Cleveland Will Kill New York

Cool prints from Cristopher Wade Sherron. Christopher, I have one question for you- why coudln’t you include Indianapolis? Indianapolis will kill Dubai? hehehe.

*Taking a cue from hip hop culture, these posters were made to provoke attention towards an unacknowledged city by starting beef with well-known, prosperous cities in hopes to gain notoriety.

*Edition of 100 posters (20 for each beef). If you would like to purchase one or more for $10 each please email me.

*Cristopher Wade Sherron
Design and Motion
Providence, RI

From HERE from Nadia.

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LED Sheep.

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Important Artifacts and Personal Property from the Collection of Lenore Doolan and Harold Morris, Including Books, Street Fashion, and Jewelry

I bought this book yesterday- it’s the story of a failed relationship told through photos of objects and labels in a fake auction catalog. Sounds confusing but it’s really cool and you should watch the video below.

Also there are rumors that the book is going to be turned into a movie with Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman.

Some of the photos from the book…

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Swine Flu PSAs from way back when

The second one is really creepy.

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throw water on your co-workers because today is Dyngus Day!

(from Wikipedia)

Dyngus Day or Wet Monday (Polish Śmigus-dyngus or Lany Poniedziałek) is the name for Easter Monday in Poland. In the Czech Republic it is called Velikonoční pondělí or Pomlázka. In Slovakia Veľkonočný pondelok (Easter Monday) is called Šibačka/Polievačka or Oblievačka too. All countries practice a unique custom on this day.

In Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic[3] traditionally, early in the morning boys awake girls by pouring a bucket of water on their head and striking them about the legs with long thin twigs or switches made from willow, birch or decorated tree branches (palmy wielkanocne); however, the earliest documented[citation needed] records of Dyngus Day in Poland are from the 15th century, almost half a millennium after Poland adopted Christianity.

Benedykt Chmielowski in Nowe Ateny cite after “Carolo Berthold” that this ritual was already in custom in 750, 250 years before Poland officially adopted Christianity.

One theory is that Dyngus originates from the baptism on Easter Monday of Mieszko I (Duke of the Polans, c. 935 – 992) in 966 AD, uniting all of Poland under the banner of Christianity. Dualism and “twins” are featured in Slavic pre-Christian paganism. Dyngus and Śmigus were twin pagan gods; the former representing water and the ‘moist’ earth (Dyngus from din gus – thin soup or dingen – nature) and the later, representing thunder and lightning (Smigus from Śmigać or to making a whooshing sound). In this theory, the water tradition is the transformation of the pagan water god into the Christian baptism. The custom of pouring water was an ancient spring rite of cleansing, purification, and fertility. It is alleged that the pagan Poles bickered with Nature/Dyngus by means of pouring water and switching with willows to make themselves pure and worthy of the coming year. Others have suggested that the striking tradition is the transformation of the ritual “slap” of Christian confirmation. However, still others suggest that the Smigus tradition is actually simply a youthful recapitulation of a Good Friday Polish tradition, in which parents wake their children with switches from twigs, whispering the words of a Lent prayer “the wounds of God” or “God is wounded” -‘bozerani.

Early in the Colombian evolution of the tradition, the Dyngus custom was clearly differentiated from Śmigus: Dyngus was the exchange of gifts (usually eggs, often decorated like pisankas), under the threat of water splashing if one party did not have any eggs ready, while Śmigus referred to the striking.

Later the focus shifted to the courting aspect of the ritual, and young unmarried girls were the only acceptable targets. A boy would sneak into the bedroom of the girl he fancied and awaken her by drenching her with multiple buckets of water. Politics played an important role in proceedings, and often the boy would get access to the house only by arrangement with the girl’s mother.

Throughout the day, girls would find themselves the victims of drenchings and leg-whippings, and a daughter who was not targeted for such activities was generally considered to be beznadziejna (hopeless) in this very coupling-oriented environment.

Most recently, the tradition has changed to become fully water-focused, and the Śmigus part is almost forgotten. It is quite common for girls to attack boys just as fiercely as the boys traditionally attacked the girls. With much of Poland’s population residing in tall apartment buildings, high balconies are favorite hiding places for young people who gleefully empty full buckets of water onto randomly selected passers-by.

Another related custom, unique to Poland is that of sprinkling bowls (garce) of ashes on people (starts men on women) or houses, celebrated a few weeks earlier at the “półpoście.” This custom is almost forgotten, but still practiced on the area around borders of Mazuria and Masovia.

Apparently this festival is big in South Bend, Indiana and there are some celebrations in Indianapolis. Wikipedia told me this but it’s been confirmed by fellow Hoosiers. It will be interesting to see what goes on in my extremely Polish neighborhood. Maybe I should carry an umbrella when I walk to the subway later….

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This is so Grey Gardens

But this chick doesn’t know it.

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Survey: Which inaugural ball should I go to

Here are my options thus far:

1. The Art of Change

2. Washington, DC Fashion Industry and Young Professionals Inaugural Ball

3. The Inaugural Salon

4. Subterranean Ball at Archie’s House of Funk

What ball should I go to?

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happy happy holidays

thanks steve!

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Eames ornaments

So I spent a really long time last night making Christmas ornaments (you’re be surprised how many you can print out and make). But I wish I could have made these:

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archaeologist we like: michael shanks

…he runs the metamedia lab at Stanford which is all about new media and archaeology working together to make greatness

“Archaeological research and pedagogy in design history and media materialities- because archaeology and media are cognate companions ”

he is basically my hero

check out metamedia here

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Green Porno

I can’t even describe this. Just watch. The spider and praying mantis are especially hilarious.

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Seriously, GG?


Also, Dan Humpfries shit is really stupid. And since when is NY Mag hurting for high school talent?

And another thing: I’m really tired of this “I Wish My Daddy Loved Me” from Chuck. And really? Mr. Bass is all ready to say “Well then, it’s out now. I killed a dude” after one conversation with Danny boy?

But I do love Mr. Geist (from Clueless).

This commercial for the ‘Wall-e’ DVD is the best part of GG tonight.



I guess I’m kind of live blogging gossip girl tivoed. sorry blog readers.

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paper fail

I can’t seem to concentrate on anything but failblog tonight, despite the research project I have due on weds. here are some of my faves…

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get it.

via freewilliamsburg via gothamist:

And related, only because it involves the subway: A Free Williamsburg writer was on a L train (of course) with a woman was watching hardcore porn on her iPod and saying, “Oh, here we go, here we go, THERE YOU GO, GET IT, GET IT, OHhhhhhh Damn, let’s get a close-up, zoom in, wake up New York check this shit out, close-up New York City!!!”

almost as good as the time i saw a woman start trying to hit some dancing kids and telling them “i wish i had my knife.”

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Because I’m a dork…

…and used to attend maya hieroglyph/epigraphy conferences and study the glyphs for fun more or less (though I was never quite as dedicated as my good friend david).

Mayanists for Obama- might be better than my pin that says “kittens for obama- meow for change in 2008”

Thanks Roganoff

oh yeah, you can buy that shirt HERE

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Jesus says “rock on.”

This a litte jesus on a spring my friend Brandon saw on his way to work.

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Get a few drinks in me, mention Williamsburg and biking on Bedford Ave and I will no doubt begin to ramble and yell about biking through the Hasid community in S. Wburg and how terrifying it is.


I’m all about moving the bike lane off of Bedford. Here are the problems I see…
1. People treat Bedford like a highway- people go waaay to fast and make quick left hand turns across the bike lane, even using the bike lane as a turn lane sometimes
2. “Hasids are forbidden from looking at members of the opposite sex who aren’t fully dressed, said local activist Isaac Abraham” – HUGE ISSUE- because men can’t look at me when i bike in my shorts, they aren’t looking at me when they cross the street and often jump out in the bikeline, mid-block where i’m not expecting pedestrians to be (vs. say, a crosswalk where one is supposed to be crossing the street)- very dangerous
3. “The issue of dress – or lack of it – wasn’t brought up at the meeting. Weisser and the other Hasids instead complained publicly about bike lanes allegedly causing parking problems and traffic congestion”- yes, this is another big issue- for some reason everyone double parks along Bedford, thus blocking the bike lane. On average, I would say on average when I bike along Bedford between Clinton Hill and Wburg (possibly a mile and a half) I have to dodge 3 double parked mini-vans and loading trucks. Specifically, there is some event hall near Bedford and Flushing where people are always double parked and waiting for the valet or dropping people off, but I think that generally this is a problem all over Bedford. rar.

END RANT (there’s more but I have a paper to write for school. Buy me a beer and I’ll rant some more… on many topics…)

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Palin rejected by Heart

My favorite woman fronted 70s classic rock band, Heart (no joke), isn’t down with Sarah Palin using their song Barracuda as her theme song. To be honest, neither am I. From Yahoo news.

Despite the Wilson sisters’ objections, one of the song’s co-writers said he was “thrilled” that the song was used.

In an e-mail to Reuters, the band’s former guitarist, Roger Fisher, said it was a win-win situation. Heart gets publicity and royalties, while the Republicans benefit from “the ingenious placement of a kick-ass song,” Fisher said.

But in a subsequent email, Fisher said he strongly endorsed the Democratic ticket, and would donate a portion of royalties he receives from the Republicans’ airing of “Barracuda” to the campaign of Sen. Barack Obama.

“With my contribution to Obama’s campaign, the Republicans are now supporting Obama,” he said.

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Sarah Palin can haz cheezburger?

I’ve been spending some time looking into the spunky Sarah P. and apparently many an internet meme has sprung up around her already. I’m trying my best not to rant about her, so I’m just going to include the ridiculous videos, pictures and memes I’ve found so far.  (i do believe though that McCain is going to ruin her life…)

Little known facts about Sarah Palin…

She named her children Bristol,  Piper, Track, Willow, and Trig.

btw- Wonkette is currently dedicated to covering Sarah P. so you should check them out too for continuous updates

oh yeah- and her 17 year old daughter is preggo (hence the juno pic)- congrats Bristol!

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Funny = sad

Laughter makes her fall down.

Maybe she has the same problem as these goats. (I know that’s a double post by me, but I enjoy watching it multiple times and so might you.)

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Oh my!

My mom told me about this before Google Alerts did. These are some really tricky burglars. I mean, cutting a screen door with a knife and removing a screen? Not to mention climbing in an open window. Thank god I live on South Greenbush. And now for a pretty picture I found taken right by my house (can you tell I’m getting nostalgic here?)

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Thank you, Google Alerts

Oh no! Some one tried to steal copper wire from the power substation down the road from me!

This person really loves Charlotte.

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More Charlotte, VT Google Alerts

It turns out that Vermont is a great place for a nose job. If you’re a big horn sheep, that is. “Bucky”, pictured below, fell and broke his nose a few years ago. Don Carpenter at Wildwood Taxidermy did a fantastic job fixing him up.

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Tire Buddah

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Just Cause…

This always makes me laugh / explains how I feel all the time / I love Paul Rudd.

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Whatcha doin’ tomorrow?

Block party and Wet Hot American Summer with intro by Michael Showalter and music! I think I’m going to try and make it to this- anyone else down?

Thanks BrooklynVegan!

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Go Charles

I’ve heard of cars running grease but not on wine.

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John McCain

Ok, I’ll say it. John McCain was hot once. I just read his wikipedia article and learned that his hair turned white during his first few weeks as a POW in Vietnam.

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Blog of the Week: Inherent Vice

Cool musuem/library/information science blog. HERE.

I’ll be attending a museum anthropology graduate program in the fall and am getting excited. I was looking at interesting museum blogs today and found this awesome one written by Richard Urban, an library/information science doctoral student. I especially liked the social tagging post. Enjoy!

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Blog of the Day: cool business cards

I’m not certain if it’s a blog or just a gallery but I like it.

See 67 more HERE

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Blog of the Day: Party Crasher

Looking for something to do? Look no further than This nifty blog posts invites and parties you might be interested in- mostly in nyc though. Sorry Steph.

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Weezer + YouTube references

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Bagels for Nora. Trippy berries for me.

Watch this.

Sorry, can’t embed.

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epic street art show at Tate Modern


Yet another reason why I should visit London. Blu, Faile, Os Gemeos…baaaaah!  More pics here.

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An awesome video with a side of gchat

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Thanks David!

And my motivation:

Emily: dude
post it
i am not looking at any of your links unless they are on crapwelike
that is it

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new favorite artist

Peter Callesen. Check out his A4 papercuts.

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Ok, kind of stupid I know

But I found this video entertaining.

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And remember this one?

And how we thought it was a plus size store?


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Again and again and again again

Like the video, not so hot on the song. Still worth a listen/view.

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Vespa dudes

These wheatpasted ads are apparently going up all over Canada. I think they’re rad.

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this horsey is very thirsty

i spent a bunch of time trying to post something else and it didnt work. so i found a picture of a thirsty horse. then posted this as a page instead of a post and got all confused. way to cooperate wordpress.


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Moleskine art blog

Ch ch ch check it. Beautiful sketches and drawings that make me super jealous.

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Style over Speed

Spring is almost here. I am so excited to bike around brooklyn and wear skirts! I bought a pair of little heels for the sole purpose of wearing on my bike. Entirely stole my biking style from this blog.

This blog will make you want a bike real bad.

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Amish Puggles


 Look at the wittle puggle! It’s name is Juliette. Anyway, this site popped up on my gmail today. How can a dog be Amish? And more importantly, aren’t the Amish not supposed to be using the internet to sell their goods?? And one more thing, puggles are kind of the cool new breed (they’re like the iPods of the dog world), so I’m suprised that the Amish are up on this shit.

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Doo bee doo bee doo

This article is hilarious, and it has a quotes from James Van Der Beek. You know what I hate? How a cappella groups think they are cool by covering Kanye West. And how no matter what, all their songs end with “whoa whoa whoa whoaaaaaaa.” Jazz hands. Yah!


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loving this new furniture blog I just discovered called Furnitude

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Because we like team sports

kickball galkickball dude

…and drinking on warm summer sunday afternoons.


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Vicki did this to a guy in the bar last weekend:

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baby born with two faces

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Blogging about blogs

I had a very internet oriented weekend. I joined/became active in flickr, found amazing new blogs and discovered some cool anthropologists who like to write about the internet. I don’t want to dork out too much so I will mostly provide the cool/interesting sites, starting out with my new favorite. It will change your life- amazing pictures culled from all over the interwebs and updated continuously. Every time I sit down to my computer I have to check the new pics before I can do anything productive. It’s a blessing and a curse….I heart you

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Pretty kitchens

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