Compy chair

this looks really really usefully

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need a male copywriter?

i shamelessly stole this from adage but it’s kinda awesome.

maybe i should take this copywriter’s idea and make a site when i start looking for jobs after grad school and make a flashy website featuring myself lying on a bearskin rug. i’m curious to see whether people actually respond to this…


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May Day!

From Wikipiedia…

May Day occurs on May 1 and refers to Haymarket incident or any of several public holidays.[1] In many countries, May Day is synonymous with International Workers’ Day, or Labour Day, which celebrates the social and economic achievements of the labour movement. As a day of celebration the holiday has ancient origins, and it can relate to many customs that have survived into modern times.

If you want to support worker’s rights and have some fun, there is a march from Chinatown to Union Square that starts at 2:00pm today- meet at corner  of Grand & Chrystie

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Grain Edit’s interview with Frank Chimero

I’m a big fan of Frank Chimero. His state illustrations are fantastic (when’s New York, Frank? Or Vermont, or Indiana??), and I used to have this inspirational poster as my desktop at work for a while (the “Aw, Damnit” part got to me, eventually). Anyway, Grain Edit interviewed Frank recently, and it’s really fascinating. I’m not even a graphic designer or much of an artist (though I’m known to doodle geometric shapes on notebooks at work).

The whole interview is a great read, but my favorite part is when Frank describes how he comes up with the ideas for the states. Here’s an excerpt:

Here, I’m trying out a few ideas. Something long and curling? An alligator? A fish? A manatee? Nah. That manatee doesn’t look like one. It’s too skinny. Not cowish enough. Doesn’t work well with the shape. The alligator is nice, but too predictable? His legs don’t integrate in very nicely into the shape. A train? Oh. Wow. That’s nice. Maybe we can use the smoke to trail off to the left to fill that difficult space. Ok. Bingo!

So cool. Anyway, Frank also mentions this great video he did for Good Magazine. I hadn’t seen it before and I suggest you watch it both for his great drawings and for the info.

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Hey kid, my floor is dirty

see it in action HERE!

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Scrabble keyboard

’nuff said. Do want.

From here

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My dream bed


From this place

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I can haz Secretary of State?

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I wish my computer could do that…

Get more HERE

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A business outfit for your business machine

It’s a laptop sleeve, yo. From here: Barry’s Farm

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Keep Calm and Rock On

Oooh this is just awesome. Do want. This is from here.

and the original inspiration:

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just another lazy wednesday

restaking my claim to dumb posts about animals.

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Read This!

You can read Miranda July’s the Shared Patio online. I like to read it at work when I’m feeling down because I find it oddly uplifting. The line about the whale’s tiny wise eye is my favorite.

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Five days and counting

Today is the fifth day I have spilled coffee on me. Thankfully, today I was smart enough to wear a dark blue dress so you can’t really tell. But I basically smell like a dunkin’ + deodorant.

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Making Heat Matate

I am working from the home office right now… which is kind of hard to do and stay focused.  Let me illustrate:

Dan: so is your bed the new office?
 me: yes
 me: and i just read a quote on my gmail from mr burns
  that says
dont stay in bed unless you can make money in bed
  i can
 Dan: hahaha
 me: i guess that is what prostitutes do
  i just got it
 Dan: i was going to be polite and not point that out
 me: ok
  by mr burns
  i mean george burns
  i read that wrong
 Dan: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
 me: or in my mind, it was just mr burns
  oh man oh man

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Even though tomorrow’s Monday

Don’t worry. Everything will be ok.

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these business cards are way cooler than mine

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calculator stools = style + dorky hot

uuuuuh BEST

Also, in case you were wondering, we do have a T-I 89 in our apartment in case you needed one.

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Eames stamps! OMG!

need need need need need

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i should have been a film major

found it on gawker. its made by a production company called action figure. it’s awesome.

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Blog of the Day: cool business cards

I’m not certain if it’s a blog or just a gallery but I like it.

See 67 more HERE

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New site I love with crap I love

Thanks Galison, for introducing me to this great shit of yours

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Why can’t being organized always be this pretty?

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Desky desk

it’s like future desk

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Yes, it is only Tuesday

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My new trash can

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emily and I did some cleaning

and I really like this…wish we had this

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Desk…I wants

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Today is a day about finding headshots for the House of Representatives.  Some aren’t as cute.  Meet Butterfield.

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Looks comfy.

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I want my home office to look like this

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Heart to heart


From Jim, via The New Yorker

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If your current career doesn’t work out, here ya go!

Reality shows casting now.. 

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Panda Sex! So difficult!

I just added a CNN world news feed to one of the website I maintain for work, and guess what’s on it today? This article. I’m glad it is able to brighten more people’s days.

panda love

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How I feel


I often feel this way. There’s this really nice guy who sells really good Italian-style coffee in a cart near my office and seems a whole lot happier than me. And I always think “that’s the life. He’s got it all figured out.” Then I realize that I’m destined to work in an office…for the rest of my life.

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I’m not angry, and not quite a journalist.. but if I were:

This would be helpful

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