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Pandaphants. They’re hilarious.

My sister sent me this a few weeks ago, and I should be punished for not posting it immediately. It’s amazing.

From BuzzFeed:

At the Bangkok Zoo, people stopped visiting the elephants, because they were more interested in the pandas. So zookeepers did the only logical thing. By which I mean the dumbest, weirdest thing. Here’s how that turned out.


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Ok, new favorite blog ever – I found this after a couple clicks around on perfectpandas.com

Oh Shaq!  You are the winner!

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Mmmyyyyy hearrrrrtttttt

So maybe it’s because Em and I watched some “Say Yes to the Dress” tonight, but it might also just be that this video is fucking awesome. Thanks to Dan for showing it to me.
Also, dare you not to be crying by the end.



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Wolf man teaches baby wolf to howl


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Canvas bag backlash

These crack me up

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Small Things Eating Big Things

This website is cute and new and Drew made some pictures for it!  His drawings might be my favorities, but ya know, I’m biased.  The mastermind behind SMEBT is Sanjay, and here’s his comic which is also great!

Kitten eating Elephant

Baby eating Airplane

more here!

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Herb & Dorothy

I really really want to see this movie about a librarian and a postal worker who collect millions of dollars worth of minimalist/conceptual art in their tiny one bedroom apartment. Looks adorable.

Read the New York Times review of it HERE, below is the trailer.

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Another heartwarming video (see below)

via Wooster.

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The Most Wonderful Story Ever Told

U.S. Embassy saves Willy the sea turtle.

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I love ‘Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me’

…and I love Peter Sagal even more after watching this, his 1988 appearance on Jeopardy:

Dan sent that to me ages ago, but I’m just getting around to posting it now. Nora fail.

Also, I love this story he wrote for the NY Times Magazine in 2007. So adorable.

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Nailed It!

Czech photographer Vlad Artazov uses nails to create sculptures of everyday situations. A couple examples:

The rest of the series is here. Via Andrew Sullivan’s The Daily Dish, which has been one of the best news sources over the past month.

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Dog Mayor!

Rabbit Hash, KY knows how to run an election.  Meet their mayor, Lucy Lou.

Personally, I think the cat candidate was robbed.  Travis was 2nd runner up- from his bio:

Travis chose Rabbit Hash and you should choose this cat to be the new Mayor of Rabbit Hash. He is the ONLY candidate that actually resides in Rabbit Hash.”  Sad.  More information on this historic election here.

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Blog of the Day: There, I fixed it!

i’ve done similar things –  my AC installation methods have involved used bricks, towels and magazines, but i made it work!  more super-helpful fixing strategies here.

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Blog of the Day: Nerdboyfriend

Oh hai.

Jack Lemmon

Leonard Bernstein

Monty Python

more of your nerdy boyfriends here

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Surf’s up!

shamelessly stolen from the twitter of ed droste from grizzly bear (who i saw on thursday night and who put on an incredible show).

and on the topic of grizzly bear, here is an adorable feature from drowned in sound. it has to do with moms. worth a read.

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Vote for Mountain Goat Ruby

My friend Ryan’s doggie niece has been nominated as the dog of the day on Purina.com. Vote for her. She’s a rescue dog and afraid of bicycles.

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Frank Lloyd Wright via Lego

I love me some Frank Lloyd Wright. And I love me some Lego. I mean, who doesn’t? People who don’t love Lego suck.

Anywho, Lego has a new Architecture series, and they’ve got two Frank Lloyd Wright sets on the way. Just a reminder that my birthday is approaching.

The two sets are Fallingwater and The Guggenheim.

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Man saves ducklings

Watch him catch them. Thanks BBC.

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Have a beagle and carry on

truer words have never been spoken.

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These two videos will rock your world and yeah, fuck you, one is Taylor Swift

So, these two videos are awesome. Yeah, one is Taylor Swift’s video for her song about how much she loves her mom. It makes me think about watching home videos with my dad. I love doing that. So yeah, here’s the video that will make you cry, but don’t worry, there’s a video that will make you laugh your balls or ovaries off that I posted after it.

So here’s the video that’s hilarious and probably the best video ever. So best it’s the best of everything.

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invisible car

from wooster….

Sara Watson, a design student studying drawing at the University of Central Lancashire, spent three weeks taking a battered old Skoda and making it “disappear” by painting it so that it blends in with the surrounding area.

The BBC reports that the car is now being used as advertising for the local recycling firm that donated the vehicle.

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twitter street art

This post has me thinking that maybe we should have a twitter handle for crapwelike…

until we do that feel free to follow me on twitter @beckosays

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May Day!

From Wikipiedia…

May Day occurs on May 1 and refers to Haymarket incident or any of several public holidays.[1] In many countries, May Day is synonymous with International Workers’ Day, or Labour Day, which celebrates the social and economic achievements of the labour movement. As a day of celebration the holiday has ancient origins, and it can relate to many customs that have survived into modern times.

If you want to support worker’s rights and have some fun, there is a march from Chinatown to Union Square that starts at 2:00pm today- meet at corner  of Grand & Chrystie

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Blog of the Day: Free Kibble

answer trivia questions once a day to donate free dog and cat food on freekibble and freekibblekat

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Just in case you haven’t seen Gus and his new poool yet

Also I saw a bulldog puppy on my way to work today!!!  AW best day ever!

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I really liked this project, which shows little robots traversing Washington Square Park in NYC with only the help of strangers.

“Every time the robot got caught under a park bench, ground futilely against a curb, or became trapped in a pothole, some passerby would always rescue it and send it toward its goal. Never once was a Tweenbot lost or damaged. Often, people would ignore the instructions to aim the Tweenbot in the “right” direction, if that direction meant sending the robot into a perilous situation. One man turned the robot back in the direction from which it had just come, saying out loud to the Tweenbot, “You can’t go that way, it’s toward the road.”  There’s a video too!  

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Swine Flu PSAs from way back when

The second one is really creepy.

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Blagojevich fail

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Even more reasons to love Paul Rudd

He loves children and the earth.

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Dolphins:1 Pirates:0

Dophins foil pirate attack/China is bizarre.

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Because your car salesman should have many skills

Becky showed me this, which comes from Nadia.  AMAZINGNESS!  I need to freedomize the Ford Explorer!

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The coolest My Little Ponies you will ever see

Speaking of My Little Ponies…

I think my sister Margaret showed me Mari Kasurinen‘s Star Wars-themed My Little Ponies a few months ago, and I really should have posted about them back then. In case it’s not immediately obvious to you, these are the greatest things in the universe. Not just because they’re really cool conceptually, but because they’re spot on. Take, for example, My Little Edward Scissorhands:

That pony has the exact same emotion as Johnny Depp does. Yeah yeah, I know. It’s a My Little Pony that’s dressed up like Edward Scissorhands. Ha ha. But it’s crazy awesome.

Also, the Joker. I know it’s a My Little Pony, but it’s just about as creepy as Heath Ledger was.

Not all of them are dark and creepy. Some are really super funny and sweet:

Heman (Dan’s favorite)

Anyway, these are fantastic. Check out others (Boba Fett, Han Solo, Cewie, The Bride from Kill Bill, Alien, Predator, etc) on Mari’s website.

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Invisible Bicycle!

i’m obsessed with this.  more here

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Pharrell will sing and dance for his McDonalds

I love Pharell.  Especially when he’s trying to get McD’s to open early!  Hilarious.

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New Improv Everywhere makes me happy

Emily: I love watching New Yorkers’ cold hearts melt.

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chuga chuga chuga CHOO CHOO: All Aboard the Murakami Train!!!

So the fantastic (c) Murakami exhibit (which we saw at the Brooklyn Museum) is now in Spain, and I have to say, I loooove how they’re promoting the exhibit on the trains!!

Pictures from Arrested Motion

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Grain Edit’s interview with Frank Chimero

I’m a big fan of Frank Chimero. His state illustrations are fantastic (when’s New York, Frank? Or Vermont, or Indiana??), and I used to have this inspirational poster as my desktop at work for a while (the “Aw, Damnit” part got to me, eventually). Anyway, Grain Edit interviewed Frank recently, and it’s really fascinating. I’m not even a graphic designer or much of an artist (though I’m known to doodle geometric shapes on notebooks at work).

The whole interview is a great read, but my favorite part is when Frank describes how he comes up with the ideas for the states. Here’s an excerpt:

Here, I’m trying out a few ideas. Something long and curling? An alligator? A fish? A manatee? Nah. That manatee doesn’t look like one. It’s too skinny. Not cowish enough. Doesn’t work well with the shape. The alligator is nice, but too predictable? His legs don’t integrate in very nicely into the shape. A train? Oh. Wow. That’s nice. Maybe we can use the smoke to trail off to the left to fill that difficult space. Ok. Bingo!

So cool. Anyway, Frank also mentions this great video he did for Good Magazine. I hadn’t seen it before and I suggest you watch it both for his great drawings and for the info.

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More toilets I want

Wish you could flush potatoes using less water? Well, you’re in luck.

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Happy Birthday CrapWeLike!

Today is CWL’s 1 year anniversary!  In celebration,  here are our top three posts most trafficked posts of all time (sorry, definitely not our BEST posts..)

#3:  NSFW, unless you’re on someone else’s work computer

aka – the post about the Verizon guy looking up kind of dirty vids on my work computer including Man With World’s Biggest Penis and this:

#2:  Suri Cruise is so cute my eyes can’t compute

#1 – For Liz

Honorable mention goes to this dog is better than michael phelps.

Top search engine referral terms for the year: ed westwick, bulldog puppies, michael phelps, suri cruise, the hills, nom nom nom

in conclusion: Gossip Girl, Suri Cruise and penis vids are the way to go.  Here’s to another year of CWL and maybe actually moving over to crapwelike.com.. somedayy, I promise.

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I want this Toilet

We’ve all had awkward moments in an “away bathroom” situation (as Liz Lemon would say), but that’s why everyone should have a toilet with the capacity to flush 3.5 LBS OF DOGFOOD. Gracefully.

I promise it’s worth the headache of clicking this link and letting it load:


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MacArthur grant goes to basketmaker

Y’know those genius grants where you get a ridiculous amount of money over a couple of years (it’s actually $500,000 over 5 years). We’ll one of this year’s recipients makes baskets. How rad is that? Congrats Mary Jackson. Read more here.

Mary Jackson is a fiber artist whose intricately coiled vessels preserve the centuries-old craft of sweetgrass basketry and push the tradition in stunning new directions. A descendant of the Gullah community of coastal South Carolina, Jackson learned to make baskets at the age of four from her mother and grandmother, who passed on skills brought to the United States by their West African ancestors. Developed originally as domestic and agricultural tools for cotton and rice production, sweetgrass baskets have traditionally taken such utilitarian shapes as storage containers and rice fanners. With masterful technique, Jackson translates these practical designs into finely detailed, sculptural forms.

I’m mostly just fascinated by this because occasionally archaeologists get the grants and I kinda want one for myself. Do I have to apply or do they just give it to you? hmmm…. Thanks Simone because I totally snatched this from your status message.

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Change I can believe in

This is for my brother, Tony.

Sadly, they’re sold out from here

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more culture for you this Friday


Times are tough all around – rollercoaster stock markets, job losses by the hundreds of thousands, bipartisan bickering with no relief in sight. It’s even tougher for 501 (c) (3) non-profit Community Museums. So the City Reliquary is hosting a fundraiser to raise some of (last month’s!) rent.

A Modern Day Depression-Era Fundraiser!
Friday February 27th 7-11pm

BROTHER CAN YOU SPARE SOME RENT? is a Modern Day Depression-Era Fundraiser held in our backroom and backyard. For a minimum $10 tax-deductible donation at the door, you can come and participate in scores of historical diversions and entertainments circa 1935.

In our own backyard Hooverville, you’ll find:

• Pie the Landlord! That’s right – the City Reliquary will have our very own cigar-chomping, unshaven, smelly Landlord demanding our rent! Tell him where to shove it with a whipped cream pie in his face! (see PICTURE below!!)
• Madame LuLu LoLo, Fortune Teller Extraordinaire: She Sees All and Knows All and Your Fortune Might Help Pay Our Rent!
• Hobo Photos a Go-Go: Take your picture in our hand painted carnival sign. Remember the Recession of ’09 with a photographic keepsake!
• Depression-era movies: shown on the projector in the backyard. Laugh it up with Mae West, the Marx Brothers and James Cagney.
• Oil drum fires: (and more modern propane heaters) to keep you warm while you chill in the cold. All fires will be regulated carefully by official FDNY supervision!
• DIY Fingerless Gloves Table! Because nothing says Depression-chic than rockin’ a pair of fingerless gloves!
• Prohibition-era Beer provided by the Brooklyn Brewery and Depression-era “Rum” Punch provided by the City Reliquary at contemporary-recession era prices.
• DJ Stacher playing hits from the economically challenged 1930s (Harlem Jazz) and 1970s (early Rap); as well as Big Money tracks from the 1980s (disco) and 2000s (electro). Get down!

All entertainments and diversions will be priced at the Depression-friendly rates of $2-5 a pop. All proceeds go to help the City Reliquary pay (last month’s, and this one’s) rent.

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I mean, I’m not complaining, but there must have been a reason beyond making something I’d love.

Emily says “I’m really into Colbert minus glasses.”

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Hey kid, my floor is dirty

see it in action HERE!

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Steph, doesn’t your friend’s house use bowling balls, too?

Oh god, it’s late and I’m also kind of a bastard, but I can’t for the life of me remember the name of your family friend that has that awesome house in DC and that adorable kid Teddy…and she’s a food stylist. Fuck what is her NAME?

I loved her house. And I vaguely remember there being bowling balls that lined the walkway up to her house. Am I dreaming this? Did I just think her house was so awesome that I dreamed an additional awesome thing for it?

Anyway, this photo reminded me of her house and how awesome it is/was. Please tell her I say hello.

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Cutest Valentines ever

These are from the World’s Smallest Postal Service and you can send them here .  Don’t worry, they won’t get lost in the mail, they come in a bigger envelope (with magnifying glass!).  Cute cute!

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what do you think?

check this compy.

it’s a sustainable desktop computer made by a friend of a friend who is entering it in the green gadgets design competition. what do you think? vote here.

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vote for the White House Farmer



Let me recommend one of the 2 Indiana farmers in the race. As a Hoosier, I can tell you that Indiana folk know how to farm. Crop rotation is the first thing we learn in grade school. No joke. Soy beans, corn, soy beans, corn, etc. But seriously, vote for Terry Himelick of Victory Acres. nuff said.

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Important announcement re: this Saturday

If wordpress still won’t let you embed Vimeo (boo!), click here: http://vimeo.com/2862454

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awesome photo from inauguration

i wish i had gone but i had my first day of classes and im a big wuss about the cold

from hassa- the photo actually came from here though

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copyright lesson

learn copyright law via short clips of disney movies. so clever!  it sounds boring but it’s really awesome.

from michael g- thanks

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Loving Marimekko + Sanna Annukka

I think I’ve posted about Sanna Annukka before (she’s great). And lord knows I love Marimekko (I still have those car sheets from when I was a kid). Now, Sanna is designing for Marimekko and it’s like four Ks worth of awesome (get it? There are two Ks in Annukka and two Ks in Marimekko).

Some of Sanna’s stuff:

Some of Sanna’s stuff for Marimekko:

Oh god it’s so pretty

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Importnat News: Shepard Fairey is hot and sassy

Did you see him on Colbert tonight? So cute in his denim jacket and sassy pants. And talented. Mmm.

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The Recently Deflowered Girl

Edward Gorey is hilarious and twisted. This book from 1965 cracks me up.

Read all of it here

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Here’s some of the stuff:

I got so excited when I read this I called Dan and basically woke him up with screaming. I’m so fucking excited.

Thanks to Decor8 for this amazing news.

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A heart-warming tale for the ages

U.S. takes silver in Elephant Polo.


This is how they had to practice. What dedication!

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Inter-species Love!

Their love knows no bounds!

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A little pep talk before Monday

I really don’t think this has been posted before…

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