12 terrifying pieces of furniture

from nadia from Fast Company. see more here.


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Twitter Tracker

Conan O’Brien has a new segment that plays on the current obsession with celebrity tweets (as seen here). I caught a different episode last night with nicole and i thoroughly recommend checking it out, even though i cant figure out how to embed the video and it’s not available on youtube, you can see it here on nbc.com

Read more about twitter tracker on conan here.

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Shepard Fairey + Lance Armstrong

Shepard Fairey is appently designing bikes, gear, and such for Lance Armstrong. What do ya think?

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Blog of the Day: Boutique of the Week

Found this blog’s author on Yelp – but it’s totally awesome and I think it will re-vamp my shopping in the city.  Here she reviews one of my favorite boutiques in the city, Pippin – where I found my clocky and favorite topaz ring.

“Pippin Vintage Jewelry is like entering a flea market without the haggling patrons and piles of junk.  With vintage pieces discovered mainly on the East Coast, this boutique offers a variety of affordable items from pearl strands, brass watches, turqoise rings and even clip-on earrings.  Their eclectic collection spans from the pre-1900s to the 1980s, but they also have some re-worked pieces like Victorian jacket buttons made into rings (around $40).  Their prices are affordable and not typical of Manhattan, with the range from $1-$200+.  You can find a great necklace or ring for $25, and the higher-end diamonds and rubies are displayed inside the glass case.

Pippin has enough eccentric pieces that you can make your own creation, like antique keys that could be added to a long layering necklace, or pins that could double as barrettes.  When looking through the packed store, make sure to take some time and open the shallow drawers filled with random extras that cost less than $5 and make you feel like you you’ve discovered a treasure at the bottom of the bargain bin (without the actual rummaging).

Jewelry is not their only specialty, they also have a wide variety of accessories including vintage bags, clutches, belts, scarves, gloves, hats, and more, such as a cosmetic carved mirror from a 1920s Norwegian cruise ship ($30).  Also check out their vintage home goods store next door, where you can find Bauhaus vases, 1950s Coca-Cola crates, and even obscure black-and-white photos for $1.”

Now that you know my jewelry secret shopping spot (located on 17th St. between 6th & 7th) go here for more ideas from this blog.

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The Hallway by Miranda July

Can we really not embed vimeo?

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Donuts destroy sewer system

In case you didn’t know already, donuts can do harm.

“The suit details problems with the plant dating as far back as 2004, describing a sewer facility permeated by the smell of doughnuts, pipes clogged with corrosive slime and the resulting raw sewage leaks that eventually shut down the southern Fairfax sewer system.

At one point, public works officials ran a closed-circuit camera along a pipe to show the grease deposits, only to get the camera stuck in the buildup.”

Oh dear.

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Arlington Rap

Most of our bloggers and readers are probably not familar with Arlington, but it’s the city right outside DC where all the preppy types live. This video is taking the DC area by storm and has already gotten a write up in the Washington Post. I like the line about tapas.

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slo-mo dove

I found this funny.

Ok, I realized this was a double post when “turn around bright eyes” was already a tag. But I wanted to leave it to show how Emily is in my brain. I blame being out of the country for being two weeks behind on my youtube.

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Becky really hates when this happens on her dates

whoops!  Nedroid is soo cute!

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Breaking news: Dane Cook isn’t funny

Is anyone else watching him on Conan right now? Mmmm, not funny. He tells stories worse than I do.

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Compy chair

this looks really really usefully

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Cool rug

this is a cool rug. i want it.


from Apartment Therapy

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Women of Wall Street- new exhibit eeeee!

I recommend that everyone stop by the Museum of American Finance on 48 Wall St. and check out the new exhibition that is opening tomorrow, Women of Wall Street. I am totally excited because I helped in it’s creation- I wrote a couple of the labels, did some research, picked out some of the featured artifacts, and helped with the setup. I think the opening tomorrow is sold out or full or something but I totally recommend that everyone stop by. If I’m around and still interning, I’ll totally give you a personal tour. SCAN0100

From NYT blog…

These past two years have not been kind to the women on Wall Street. Of course, they have not been very kind to anyone. But women executives, a minority in this male-dominated world, have suffered some especially high-profile setbacks.

Sallie L. Krawcheck, the chief executive and chairman for Citi Global Wealth Management, stepped down in a power struggle with the chief executive. Zoe Cruz, a president of Morgan Stanley, was ousted in a shakeup. And Erin Callan, who had ascended to become Lehman Brothers‘ chief financial officer, was pushed out in the early stages of that firm’s collapse.

Even among the lower ranks, the mass downsizing of financial firms has been accompanied by accusations of discrimination.

Nonetheless, women will show up in force next Tuesday for the opening reception for the new “Women on Wall Street” exhibit at the Museum of American Finance. It has generated a lot of interest. “I can’t remember selling out an opening reception,” said Kristin Aguilera, a spokeswoman for the museum. She said they capped the registration at 250 people.

The exhibit, which will run through Jan. 16, is divided into contemporary and historical female figures on Wall Street. The contemporary segment includes interviews with Ms. Krawcheck; Abby Joseph Cohen, a senior investment strategist at Goldman Sachs who made her mark calling the bull market of the 1990s; and Nancy B. Peretsman, the influential head of the media group at the investment bank Allen & Company.

In many ways, the historical figures have the most striking stories. Many made their mark when Wall Street was more insular and misogynistic than it is now. They include a first lady, a self-proclaimed presidential candidate, and the world’s richest (and most miserly) woman.

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Get Pumped: Real World DC

Will there be a tranny?

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Wearable towel, how hot!

I especially love how confusing the normal towel looks at the start of this video.

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8-bit cover of Magnetic Fields

This is a great 8-bit cover of one of Magnetic Field’s 69 Love Songs (an album that is deserving of its own post). Here is 8-bit All My Little Words:

And here is the original:

from Offworld via Trent Reznor (who has been sober for 8 years today. Good for you.)

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Benjamin Button

I never saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button but I assume this video says it all.

Blerg, it didn’t embed.

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Steph Black reminded me how much I liked this song/video via her gchat status message today. Thanks!

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I don’t know if you saw the amazing fireworks tonight…

But I did and it was awesome. Did I mention that I have an amazing roof where I can see all of midtown?

The Queensboro Bridge (aka 59th Street Bridge) turns 100 years old this year and New York City is marking the occasion with a fireworks display by Grucci and a week-long Queensboro Bridge Centennial celebration.

The Queensboro Bridge Centennial fireworks display will be designed and produced by Grucci, “America’s first family of fireworks.” New York’s own Gruccis have directed firework displays for seven U.S. Presidential inaugurations, and four Olympic games.
View the Queensboro Bridge Centennial Fireworks
When: May 31, 2009 at 9:15 pm

Where: Fireworks will be launched from the tip of Roosevelt Island.

from here

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Surf’s up!

shamelessly stolen from the twitter of ed droste from grizzly bear (who i saw on thursday night and who put on an incredible show).

and on the topic of grizzly bear, here is an adorable feature from drowned in sound. it has to do with moms. worth a read.

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Music Video, literally

Unrealatedly, I wake up with this song in my head approximately every other day. Weird, right?

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i snorted a little bit when i watched this.

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Blog of the Day: What Chuck Wore

This blog confused me at first because I thought it was called “What Chuck Whore.”  Now I realize that it’s actually a blog dedicated the fashion of Chuck Bass on GossipGirl which is actually a subject entirely worthy of its own blog. Congrats to the costume designers or wardrobe people or whatever they’re called. Check it out HERE. Also I love the blog’s tagline “…why does he wear so much purple?”

Thanks Nadia

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Sexist vintage posters- harharhar

Check all 15 out here.  The ones below are some of my favorites…

And finally… this is me posting to CWL from my telex-whatchamacallit

Thanks Nadia

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Blog of the Day: StealOurIdeas.com

Plenty of good ideas here that you can steal. Take these for example… (im pretty sure the last one already exists)

And find more HERE

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Vote for Mountain Goat Ruby

My friend Ryan’s doggie niece has been nominated as the dog of the day on Purina.com. Vote for her. She’s a rescue dog and afraid of bicycles.

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Exercise dog says ‘do some squats!’

join gym is still on my todo list.. this dog wins.

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Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair time!

Renegade Craft Fair

I’m not the craft fair expert of CWL, but I did go to this holiday fair in December and did almost all my Christmas shopping there, so I”m totally down for this in June!  Mark your calendars!  More info here

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What do you know about Tally Hall?

1. Tally Hall is this band.  2. The band is full of cute boys (which one is your favorite I don’t even know who can pick just one?).  3.  These cute boys sing awesome songs that are pop-like and fun.  4.  They have a hilarious-super-internet show that Drew briefly participated in dressed as Waldo and he animated some stuffs.

Actually, I saw Tally Hall TWICE this weekend, yeah, really I did – once at the Mercury Lounge in New York and once in Westport, CT.  Here they are:

and this might be my favorite new song of theirs, but I love the last CD too.

Do I sound like a fan girl?  Pshhhh I’m okay with that.  Also these guys are nice and I’ve met them so YEAH i’m THAT COOL.  hehe.

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Autotune the news 3!

I especially love the Hillary section on this one.

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RIP Anna Bag,

This is the best bag LeSportSac makes, Nora and I can both confirm that.  But now it’s DISCONTINUED!!   WHYYY?!  It is what we’ve called “clown car bag” because so much shit fits in it and it doesn’t even look bulky.  Observe below (though this is a pattern I hate):

I even wrote them a damn email.  I say lets boycott until Anna is back.

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LED Sheep.

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Watch this: Woomba

You most see

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Frank Lloyd Wright via Lego

I love me some Frank Lloyd Wright. And I love me some Lego. I mean, who doesn’t? People who don’t love Lego suck.

Anywho, Lego has a new Architecture series, and they’ve got two Frank Lloyd Wright sets on the way. Just a reminder that my birthday is approaching.

The two sets are Fallingwater and The Guggenheim.

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Eminem has some new fans

This breakfast music review show is awesomee.

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My life is average (kind of like fuck my life).

Today, as I created an account for this site it said “lowercase only” underneath the email section. I typed it in all caps to see if it would still work. It did. MLIA

Thanks to Liz for this.

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Man saves ducklings

Watch him catch them. Thanks BBC.

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Have a beagle and carry on

truer words have never been spoken.

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Do you know how to knit?

OK great, cause I want these:

the ultimate swine flu protection???

thanks, stumble-upon.  more knitty magic here.

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Candles that are ELECTRIFYINGLY cool

Oh I’m hilarious. Check out that awesome headline.

Anyway, these are candlesticks. But they look like plugs. Best.

From here via Apartment Therapy

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Need a new rug? Meow you don’t!

A few of us here at CWL have moved or moved into new apartments recently, and I for one have been on the hunt for a new living room rug. Well, I should say that I WAS on the hunt until I found this one:

Only $29! What a steal!

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Blog of the Day: Stuff My Girlfriend Likes

.. very much in the same style as CWL, I love this blog and I think it’s sweet.  This guy says: “Sometimes Mr. Internet shows me stuff I’m sure my girlfriend (“Roo”) will like. Rather than put it all in my main tumblelog, or send her multiple emails a day, I’ll post them here. Maybe you’ll like them, too.”  And it’s stuff like this!

I love all these things!  Which means, I am this guy’s girlfriend?  Well I guess not, but his girlfriend certainly has good taste.  More here.

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New Exhibition at the City Reliquary

My favorite museum (which just happens to almost next door my favorite restaurant, Black Betty’s- see below) is having an opening reception this weekend for their new exhibition. I might try to go but I’m going to be in CT shopping for the antiques and such. I would definitely recommend visiting sometime though- I met one of the curators a couple of weekends ago and she assured me that it was going to be awesome.

The Candela Structures

A New York City History Mystery
curated by: Kirsten Hively and Paul Lukas

Reception to be held at:

The City Reliquary Museum370 Metropolitan Av. Williamsburgh, Brooklyn This Saturday May 16th, 2009 From 7 – 10 P.M.(On view through June 28th)For more information, visit:http://www.cityreliquary.org

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RIP Black Betty’s

This is my FAVORITE restuarant in Brooklyn. I’ve had so many good times and so many memories there. I had my birthday party there 2 years ago and now I won’t be able to order their seared salmon salad or their spicey artichoke soup anymore. I am going to attempt to OD on everything before they close June 15th. sniffle.

From Brooklyn Vegan

“After 10 years, Williamsburg Live-Music Haven and Mediterranean Eatery Shuts Doors”

Black Betty (spreetaper)
Black Betty

“Bud Schmeling and Sandy Glover, owners of Black Betty, announced the long-time Williamsburg boite and eatery will close its doors, effectively Monday, June 15th 2009.”The sad news came a month after the owners posted a message to MySpace stating that they needed money, but that “Black Betty is not closed, nor closing. We have signed a new 10 year lease…” According to the new statement (which you can read in full below), the lease “was renewed for 10 years at the end of April 2009, however the lease was also offered to other perspective candidates under more lucrative terms…” Long story short, it is closing.

Lots of changes on that block. Black Betty is right across the street from the in-development Knitting Factory Brooklyn (ex-Luna Lounge) (which we still don’t have an official update on, though all signs and rumors point to the place re-opening some time this summer, possibly as a seated venue).

Say goodbye to Black Betty by having a drink and/or seeing a show there one more time (or for your first time). Options include The Phenomenal Handclap Band, who played Southpaw last night, and who are playing there tonight (May 13). Full schedule, including Antibalas, and full goodbye note, below…

Black Betty

– Bud Schmeling and Sandy Glover, owners of Black Betty, announced the long-time Williamsburg boite and eatery will close its doors, effectively Monday, June 15th 2009.

According to Schmeling and Glover, the Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn, NY lease was renewed for 10 years at the end of April 2009, however the lease was also offered to other perspective candidates under more lucrative terms. At the end of the battle, Schmeling and Glover conceded and agreed to close by mid June. “We are saddened and heart-broken that this is the end of the Black Betty era,” said Glover. “But at this time we’re focusing on what a fantastic place Betty means to Brooklyn bands, DJs and of course all of our amazing patrons and friends” she added.

“We’re working really hard to make the next couple of months loaded with great music and entertainment,” says Schmeling. “May 7th will mark a true celebration of 10 years dedicated to Williamsburg with a tribute to our House DJs and honestly, the outreach from the community has really been incredible.”

Local bands, DJs and performers are lining up to fill the remaining nightly slots, with Rev. Vince Anderson and His Love Choir scheduled to perform the last night, Monday June 15th. The kitchen and bar, offering North African and Mediterranean dishes and extended happy hours, will be in full swing until close. Demand for Black Betty t-shirts have been pouring in and will be available for sale at the 10th Anniversary Party on May 7th.

ABOUT BLACK BETTY/ Since its spring opening in 1999, Black Betty has gained a reputation as a “pioneer” and “Superman of Williamsburg nightlife.” Founders Bud Schmeling and Sandy Glover compiled their world travel experiences to transform the once gangster clad Highway Lounge into a hipster sanctuary and Moroccan delight, fondly referred to as “Trashablanca.” A true urban oasis, Black Betty beckons Williamsburg locals and tourists alike who crave an array of delectable Mid-Eastern eats, and an eclectic mix of live performers. Nightly live music and DJ spin masters serve up everything from Brazilian rock to soul funk, playing second only to the eclectic Mediterranean/ North African fare.

BLACK BETTY / 366 Metropolitan Avenue/ Williamsburg, Brooklyn/ 718.599.0243/ Train: L to Lorimer/ G to Metropolitan/

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These beards are gross

From the World Beard Championship

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i admit, i thought it would be sort of easy to be a good writer-of-comics (minus the drawing part).. but actually now i’m not so sure!

here’s a challenge! make this comic funny with your own word bubbles and drew will put some best ones on his site, so he claims.  i’m gonna try it later, so watch out.  if mine sucks though, i’ll just blame the artist.  Here’s the full-sized image.

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Someone made this video better….

I remember Zack really liked the video below so I though that everyone might appreciate the visually remixed version. Because it’s not an embeddable video, you have to click HERE to see it. Enjoy!

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1000 Awesome Things

I agree with most of them, including

#775 When someone holds your keys and wallet in their purse


#771 Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left

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100 single ladies flash(mob)dance

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The Generational: Younger Than Jesus

Has anyone been to the New Museum recently and checked out their triennial exhibition? I’m curious to see what people think. I should organize an outing to see it- it’s up until July 5th.



I was just looking over the artists and was excited to see one I already knew- Brendan Fowler. I followed his music a couple of years ago via Barr (this song is the single and the single sucks).  It appears that he is playing on June 12th with MEN. Anyone interested?

From New Museum website…

To listen to BARR is to jump into Brendan Fowler’s head, to enter a jumble of memory, laughter, fear and perseverance. His songs are built from tiny, heart-tugging piano melodies, insistent drumming, and a singular voice that is as relentlessly obsessive and anxious as it is cheerful and celebratory. These distinctive qualities have made BARR a popular favorite at both underground venues like The Smell and legendary performance spaces like The Kitchen.

MEN is a Brooklyn-based band and art/performance collective that focuses on the energy of live performance and radical potential of dance music. Comprised of JD Samson (Le Tigre), Johanna Fateman (Le Tigre), Michael O’Neill (Princess), Ginger Brooks Takahashi (The Ballet) and Emily Roysdon, the group speaks to issues such as wartime economies, sexual compromise, and demanding liberties. Propulsive, literate, and subtly complex, their songs draw upon the history of subversive music, from Talking Heads to Timbaland, to create a breathless, future-minded sound

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(RSS) Feed Me

I thought that this was clever…

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These two videos will rock your world and yeah, fuck you, one is Taylor Swift

So, these two videos are awesome. Yeah, one is Taylor Swift’s video for her song about how much she loves her mom. It makes me think about watching home videos with my dad. I love doing that. So yeah, here’s the video that will make you cry, but don’t worry, there’s a video that will make you laugh your balls or ovaries off that I posted after it.

So here’s the video that’s hilarious and probably the best video ever. So best it’s the best of everything.

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Swedish Furniture Name Generator

Kinda like the Sarah Palin baby name thing.


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Bears: Man’s best friend!

Sounds like a threatdown to me, but this guy is best friends with a bear he raised himself.  A GRIZZLY BEAR.

remember when that chimp ate that lady’s face?  this looks dangery.  more photos here!

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You: Creepy man walking cat on a leash – 26 (Upper West Side)

Me: Preppy white guy in a polo and jeans. I saw you last May in Central Park. You had curly hair, a black jacket and looked very skeezy and odd. You were walking your cat on a leash.

I didn’t talk to you, but I wish I had. Why did your cat have a leash? Why were you walking your cat in the first place? Is your cat a ferocious animal that will attack others on sight without the leash? Do you secretly want a dog but are allergic to them?

So many questions I wanted to ask. So many answers I never received. So many missed opportunities. A lifetime of regrets.

this was on craigslist.. thx liz!  i belive i know the answer though : cats run away, you would have to leash them.  also, i have totally wanted to walk Meetza.  also, this is a long time to wait to write into craigslist.. a whole year this poor prepster has been tortured!

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Blog of the Day: Cats Are Always Doing Shit

Even though I’ve seen a couple of these videos/pics before, there are still a lot of funny cat videos that were new to me and that makes this site catriffic.

Cats are always up to something. This blog offers documentary proof of their possibly sinister activities: photos and videos of cats behaving in odd, suspicious, devious and destructive ways.

For example….

See more HERE

Thanks Mariso.

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invisible car

from wooster….

Sara Watson, a design student studying drawing at the University of Central Lancashire, spent three weeks taking a battered old Skoda and making it “disappear” by painting it so that it blends in with the surrounding area.

The BBC reports that the car is now being used as advertising for the local recycling firm that donated the vehicle.

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need a male copywriter?

i shamelessly stole this from adage but it’s kinda awesome.

maybe i should take this copywriter’s idea and make a femalemuseumprofessional.com site when i start looking for jobs after grad school and make a flashy website featuring myself lying on a bearskin rug. i’m curious to see whether people actually respond to this…


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twitter street art

This post has me thinking that maybe we should have a twitter handle for crapwelike…

until we do that feel free to follow me on twitter @beckosays

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fuck weather.com, you should be getting your weather here…


it’s actually 54 and raining. thanks fucking weather!

*yeah, i snagged this from urbn’s blog.

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