Can’t get enough of Nicholas Galanin

if you are reading this Nicholas, I will totally marry you just on the merit of your art….

Galanin is also one of those featured gawker artists btw.


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Crazy Cat Face Paint

this guy painted his face every day for a year.. and he’s awesome.

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The coolest My Little Ponies you will ever see

Speaking of My Little Ponies…

I think my sister Margaret showed me Mari Kasurinen‘s Star Wars-themed My Little Ponies a few months ago, and I really should have posted about them back then. In case it’s not immediately obvious to you, these are the greatest things in the universe. Not just because they’re really cool conceptually, but because they’re spot on. Take, for example, My Little Edward Scissorhands:

That pony has the exact same emotion as Johnny Depp does. Yeah yeah, I know. It’s a My Little Pony that’s dressed up like Edward Scissorhands. Ha ha. But it’s crazy awesome.

Also, the Joker. I know it’s a My Little Pony, but it’s just about as creepy as Heath Ledger was.

Not all of them are dark and creepy. Some are really super funny and sweet:

Heman (Dan’s favorite)

Anyway, these are fantastic. Check out others (Boba Fett, Han Solo, Cewie, The Bride from Kill Bill, Alien, Predator, etc) on Mari’s website.

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Blog of the Day: Make Something Cool Everyday

looking for some inspiration? this is an amazing blog with new images/art made everyday by this dude (Brock Davis?). below are some of my faves so far in 2knine. (there is a flickr pool too for make something everyday – here)

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Andrew Holder is pretty sweet

Hi Andrew Holder. You’re pretty cool. Maybe I’ll buy some of your prints.

I really really like these.

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Sally McKay’s cool gifs

Find more here

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Pretty Bird and Pretty Cat

From this site. So pretty.

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Becko- park your bike on that naked lady!

via PaperMag.. these supercute bike racks, designed by David Byrne, will be dispersed throughout the city for the next 11 months; then you can buy them. keep your eyes pealed!

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FYI, I’m not really into this either

You know, with bright colors and abstract pixelation (sp?), you might think I’d be really into this art. You’d be wrong though. It’s boring.

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A very, very clever cover to a very, very brilliant essay

This is the cover for the new edition of Walter Benjamin’s The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction that will be a part of Penguin’s Great Ideas series:

The essay is also great. If you are looking for a great piece of cultural criticism, you can read the entire essay on

See the rest of the covers here.

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Enjoy your Tuesday. Hope you’re not an artist!

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What do you do with yourself after you’ve embalmed a shark:

Um, you make jeans.. obvs! But, not so fast, fools.. Damien Hirst pants go for $80,00.

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Dirty car art!


More here

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