I’m terrified of Tonya Harding

Watch your back, Barack.  Tonya Harding doesn’t give a fuck!


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Vintage Barack & Michelle

love it.  thanks, politico.

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Oh hello, Mr. President

I dont’ care if it’s in poor taste to post Obama shirless.  I’m doing it.  Via TMZ.

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Barackuccino please!

Shout of to Molly for sending this to me. Looks delicious. Is this a comment on his skin color? I’m going with yes.

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Maya Angelou on Obama

a very moving interview.

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First Family is ADORABLE

thanks Huffington Post for this great slideshow.

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Love love love

I can’t wait until the First Puppy joins this beautiful family.

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Tomorrow/tonight we find out our president (fingers crossed!)

Chances are I’ve posted this already..  but now is the real deal.  ONE DAY MORE!

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Vote Pepsi

You know what the Pepsi redesign reminds me of?


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I’m into boys who are into Obama too!

via Jezebel

this poster has gotten mixed reviews.. Bust likes the poster, calls it “cheeky” but Salon is not into it. Weigh in!

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Dancing with the enemy

Great job, photoshop.  

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Obama likes pie, and I like pie, and I like Obama

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Post-debate butt grab?


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Americans on bridges abroad for Obama

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That one

In case you missed it, McCain referred to Obama as “that one” in last night’s debate.  Here are some possible reasons why he did so, via Radar:

• He forgot Obama’s name.
• He didn’t want to say Obama’s name out of fear that he might make the “Osama” slip-up.
• He did want to say Obama’s name so that he could explicitly make the “Osama” slip-up, but forgot Obama’s name.
• He didn’t want to say Obama’s name because he has no respect for Obama and doesn’t believe they belong on the same stage.
• He didn’t want to say Obama’s name because he’s infuriated with Obama for not bending over and taking it like previous Democratic nominees.
• He was so busy channeling Ross Perot that he decided he might as well do an homage to the diminutive Texan’s “you people” moment.
• “That one” focus tested better than “the colored boy over there.”
• Old people have a harder time identifying discrete shapes and forms; McCain wanted to make clear that he was talking about Obama and not the bunting in the background.
• McCain has come to realize that his incredibly dishonest campaign, with its desperate use of fearmongering and racial animus, will go down in history as one of the ugliest attempts to win the presidency at the expense of honesty, comity, and basic human decency, and, worst of all, it won’t even be successful. This man, who spent five years under the most brutal conditions imaginable, has forever tarnished his legacy and when people one hundred years from now look back at the election of 2008 all they’ll remember him for is failed gimmicks, coded bigotry, and the disturbing way in which he doddered about the stage. His guilt—not only at destroying his own reputation, but at the low and poisonous way in which he’s tried to destroy Obama’s—is so overwhelming that McCain can barely shake Obama’s hand, meet his eye, or say his name.
• They all look alike.

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I do love Go Fug Yourself

In fact, I was just thinking about how much I love Go Fug Yourself when I read their assessment of dressers in this month’s issue of Dwell (so best!). And I loved their post on “Eva Afugri” recently, but how could they forget that her hair style is totally the same as what Charlie did to that girl in the final challenge of this season’s Shear Genius??

Well, here’s the comparison that I really wish the Fug girls had remembered. I’m so smart.

Am I right???

Also, this debate is infuriating. I really liked when Obama just reminded people that John McCain said “Bomb bomb bomb Iran” that’s hilarious.

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Sarah Palin, will you please define the Bush Doctrine?

Skip to 7:00, “Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine.”

I thought this was a really good point, brought up by writers for Jezebel.

MOE: You know what is interesting, reading this interview? I feel like I sometimes err on the side of chalking up most Republican gaffes and idiocy re foreign policy to a kind of purposeful vagueness that buys them the license to invade whatever they want. But it should not be so hard to brief Sarah Palin. How could she come off so blindsided? How difficult is it, really, to grasp basic foreign policy? Why are so few politicians capable of giving a more accurate assessment in a television interview than i could? And I think to be honest, maybe it is tough for Sarah Palin to grasp. Maybe she just doesn’t absorb information about Sunnis and Shiites and Iran and Pakistan the way, you know, Barack Obama would. It isn’t that hard! And yet, it’s not like this shit gets taught in our schools, and that probably includes the communications curriculum at all six of Sarah Palin’s colleges.

MEGAN: My concern, though, is that it makes her just enough of a “regular” American that it’ll make regular Americans want to have a beer with her and mock us elitist Americans’ obsession with little things like the Bush doctrine and how starting an actual war with Russia might be bad. And that’s sort of what got George Bush elected. Twice.

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Putting lipstick on a pig.. literally

I loved this segment on NPR, where ‘Joel Salatin, a farmer from Swoope, Va., talks about what actually happens when one attempts to put lipstick on a pig.’

 listen to it now, ok!!

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Happy 34, Steph

Hey, Steph:

jk jk jk!

happy bday barack..

sorry we Gchatted for 140 lines before I remembered.  I am officially the worst.

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Those kicks are Barackin’

Look, Gunnar, you should wear these when you’re campaigning.

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Barack calls Bill

I loved this fictional phone call between Barack and Bill, from NY mag’s blog.  This totally brings to mind Nora’s wake- up lies about who Obama’s VP could be..

Hillary: Hello?
Barack: Hey Hill, Obama here.
Hillary: Barack, it’s three in the morning!
Barack: Oh, sorry. I thought you’d be prepared. Anyway, I think it’s time I cleared things up with Bill, could you put him on?
Hillary: Good luck with that. [Long Pause]
Bill: Hello?!
Barack: Hey Bill, this is Barack Obama. Look, I think we should settle our differences so this party can finally unify. We need you on our side to win in November.
Bill: You said a lot of mean things about me, Barack. You tried to taint my legacy. You tried to make me out to be some kind of racist. I was the first black president!
Barack: Not literally…
Bill: Are you calling Toni Morrison a liar?

Barack: Bill, you tried to downplay my viability and broad appeal by comparing me to Jesse Jackson.
Bill: Now that is a fairy tale. I never did that.
Barack: Anyway, I think we need to put all of this behind us and move on. Your wife certainly has.
Bill: Can she be vice-president?
Barack: Look, Hillary ran a groundbreaking campaign, and created opportunities for millions of women, including my daughters, that were never before possible. And I respect her service and devotion to her country, and look forward to working with her to achieve the goals that we both have strived so hard for. Obviously anyone with her accomplishments would be on anyone’s short list for vice-president, and as I continue to weigh my options going forward—
Bill: Okay, you can stop. She doesn’t want it, anyway.
Barack: Thank God.
Bill: Well, what about me?
Barack: What about you?
Bill: What would my role be in your administration?
Barack: I could send you as a reassuring presence to areas hit by natural disasters around the globe: tsunamis, mudslides, earthquakes, famines…
Bill: That sounds terrible.
Barack: Yeah, um, how about ambassador to the U.N.?
Bill: What about Secretary-General of the U.N.?
Barack: I can’t just install you as Secretary-General of the U.N. I think everyone has to vote on that.
Bill: Fine. But you’d better come through — I expect you to follow through on your promises.


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Barack/Bill ’08

I have a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning.  To try to wake me up today, Nora told me that Obama had announced that Bill Clinton would be his VP.

Is it more ridiculous that I BELIEVED her (although I had some questions – how could he do that to Hil? ) or that it actually worked and I ran into the living room to turn on the news?

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I’m fucking Obama

Not quite as good as Kimmel and Affleck, but I’ll take it!

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