Shepard Fairey + Lance Armstrong

Shepard Fairey is appently designing bikes, gear, and such for Lance Armstrong. What do ya think?


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Invisible Bicycle!

i’m obsessed with this.  more here

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these bike riders in traffic=no

edit (first post was too hasty): this will not embed (damn you vimeo). i guess that these guys are good bike riders, but they are idiots. if nora saw most them, she’d start yelling at them for not wearing helmets.

but the parts&labor song used in the video is good, so props for the music choice.

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Becko- park your bike on that naked lady!

via PaperMag.. these supercute bike racks, designed by David Byrne, will be dispersed throughout the city for the next 11 months; then you can buy them. keep your eyes pealed!

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Bike I Like

Monocle magazine’s beautiful sweetish Skeppshult bike…only £600.

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Biking matate

..not going anywhere.

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hi becky this is for you

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becky, you needs

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12 bikes for girls

full post here…very pretty bikes for pretty ladies like us

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becky, park your bike in japan

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