Pop-ups are so fall 2008

Yea- a lot of stores have done pop up stores in the past but I feel like this fall there have been more than usual, or cooler ones i’m more interested in visiting.

Like the Target Bullseye Bodega only open from Sept 12-15th in four manhattan locations (i’m posting locations mostly so that I can easily reference and for your information as well- but mostly out of convenience for myself).

101 57th Street at 6th
Union Square:
813 Broadway between 11th and 12th
489 Broome Street between Wooster
and West Broadway
West Broadway East Village:
325 Bowery at 2nd

And then French boutique Colette(check out their website and their hott jams) is doing some funky, brilliant collaboration in the flagship Gap store for one month (9/6-10/5). This event/installation/store is so epic, it has it’s own cutesy website- colettexgap.com


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