Blog of the day: Bakerella

Obviously I am late to the party on this blog, it was up for best food blog on the bloggie awards.  LOOK this is ALL MADE OF CAKE!

also THIS


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Dear Cake Man Raven:

I love your cake.

I have a leftover slice of red velvet cake that is in my fridge.   It looks like this!

If you’re drooling now, you need to come to Brooklyn and get yourself some of this.

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its like project runway and top chef combined into one and for guinea pigs

in peru, they hold an annual guinea pig festival. it includes a cute fasion show (just like project runway!) where i suppose a king and a queen are crowned:

and after they crown the winner, they eat the guinea pigs (just like top chef!). look at the gallery if you don’t believe me (its pictures 7 and 8).

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