Last year, a series of lawsuits were filed over the publishing of a book based on the hit website Hot Chicks with Douchebags. Some of the “hot chicks” and at least one of the “douchebags” claimed it was libelous. However, in a rather entertaining ruling, a judge has dismissed the case filed by three of the women, noting that after he “carefully scrutinized” the book, he determined that the use of the term “douchebag” along with the various photographs was “used for humorous social commentary” — making it perfectly legal. So, kids, remember when calling someone names, make sure to do so in a way that is funny and used for social commentary. Otherwise you might not only look like a douchebag, but you might end up in court.
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haley joel makes an ass of himself again

way to be a dickface yet again haley….

From Gothamist (who got it from Curbed)

The mysterious case of The Penistrator—an unidentified “snowfitti” vandal who’s been drawing phallic symbols on snowy cars parked in the East Village this winter—has taken a shocking, unexpected turn. EV Grieve, who regrets that he lacks the “resources to properly track this fiend,” has learned that the perpetrator may be none other than Sixth Sense star and NYU student Haley Joel Osment. TMZ posted this photo of a snow-fingered Osment earlier this month, with the headline “I See D***, People.” Guess we can close the file on that one!

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