election stream of consciousness via em & beckos

election plaza- mccain fail

american cheese snack

sarah palin sandwich, has the crust cut off


cheese cheese rar rar ive had a glass of wine, and two beers this evening so far 9:18pm EST

9:19 did rudy’s tie have christmas hats on it?

where is michelle obama, why can’t i SEE WHAT SHE’S WEARING

i’m barack obama and i support these brownies- (that happened earlier this evening, when i burned some brownies and then decorated them with frosting gel- picture to be posted later)

no more drama vote obama

9:21 “i’m like not terribly nervous.  shoud we be???”

is katie couric wearing pink to be non-partisan?

commentary commentary- twitter twitter twitter

9:24 -kenyan ambassador – “we are not going to bed”

9:25 – kenyon ambassadors – OHIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

that man has boobies- em on commercial

9:31 louisiana to mccain – does no one remember katrina??

becko- i keep reading the elevator news.  the news on our elevator.

200 to 85.  c’monnnn.

New Sexico.  OBAMA

Hoosiers/Camp Indiana- make up your mind already. (9:35pm)

Becko- so, i finally remembered what the elevator news told me today. apparently the republicans are hiding George Bush. He hasn’t made a public appearance in the last 5 days and – he even cancelled his usual daily press conference/talk with the press.  soooo shady. thanks liberal elevator news.(9:39pm)

GREEEN SCREEEEN.  I guess that commentator is NOT in her dream house like I thought. “this is like a video game.”   okay lady.

can i make a drunk history on this?  and call it DRUNK BREAKING HISTORY?

woah florida is just a little probama – 9:42

even FOX NEWS projects obama wins ohio.   imagine that.

944 – otas spils adds on boobs, via text. i’m guessing that meant beer?

fox news lady says this is over (9:51pm)

wow, if the election is called in the next half hour, what will we do with the rest of the night?

drink the champy?  really fast?

shepard smith on fox news is fucking terrifying.

sassy and beaten appear in mccain election word montage via nyt – 9:56

local news? really? now? (9:57pm) blerg

10:13 – we learn how to spell consciousness

10:13 – nadia says ‘if obama takes arizona, that will be like, we are boning you”

Indiana University- fuck yea- go Indiana- just do it! (10:16pm)

nytimes word game- mccain fail x2- obama sexy x1 (10:19pm)

im in your fridge drinkin your wines = 10:21

‘i may do one of those bologna sandwiches’

me to my dad -” tell my stepmom if she voted for mccain IT DOESN’T MATTER CAUSE OBAMA WON NEW YORK BITCHESSSSS”

ok maybe i didn’t say ‘bitches’

brendo should have voted in indiana  10:31.  the difference is a little over 6,000.

rar. indiana indiana! c’mon….10:34pm

discusson re: wegmans, rochester, upstate new york, accents, etc. (10:36pm)

succession 10:38pm

Liz’s (who did not vote) roommate (who did vote) asked her how long the president is in office for… yikes (10:39pm)

is this the biggest text message night in the year??  or, do more people send out those lame ‘merry christmas’ mass texts. these things i need to know.

how high are sarah palin’s heels tonight?

joe may be a flomax spokesman.. best election (mccain directed) commercial ever


champane popped.

all is well.



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