Dan loves wicker, and I love stripes

…which might lead you to believe that these seats would be something we like. Personally, I think they’re a little gross. Dan? Care to weigh in?

They are sold here


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My dream bed


From this place

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My new favorite couple: Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler

My dad has always loved CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ and I’ve finally admitted to myself that I love it. Today’s episode feature Simon Doonan and Jonathan Adler- two fabulous people who happen to be in love. And are perhaps the coolest couple I’ve ever seen. I love Jonathan’s style and Simon’s, too. And they’re sassy and like the word “moxie” (one of my favorites). Also, Simon just said “I love working in a store. If Virginia Woolf had worked in a store, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten depressed.”

They met on a blind date. ADORABLE. I love Simon because he dresses department store windows. My grandma did that for years and years. And Jonathan is from Jersey and went to Brown and loves bright colors and hippos. And describes his stuff as “very classical but with just a little bit of moxie.”

God I love them. I also love the ‘Sunday Morning” chose to play the clip from ‘Top Design’ where Jonathan tells Preston his flower arrangement “fails kind of on every level.”

Fuck you, Preston.

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New favorite blog: Mid-Century Modernist

Yaaayy I like this blog. Good posts include:

Set design of past presidential debates

This pretty desk

Great job, Mid-Century Modernist

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