Dog Mayor!

Rabbit Hash, KY knows how to run an election.  Meet their mayor, Lucy Lou.

Personally, I think the cat candidate was robbed.  Travis was 2nd runner up- from his bio:

Travis chose Rabbit Hash and you should choose this cat to be the new Mayor of Rabbit Hash. He is the ONLY candidate that actually resides in Rabbit Hash.”  Sad.  More information on this historic election here.


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Every day I go to the bagel place and I wonder..


Our favorite bagel place has literally 23 different kinds of cream cheese, look at the menu if you don’t believe me, (my favorite is olive), But.. WHY IS THERE NO CHOCOLATE CHIP CREAM CHEESE!?

Think about it.  You can have chocolate chip pancakes, you can have strawberry cream cheese, you can have french toast with cream cheese filling, you can have chocolate chip muffins…

When it sweeps the nation, just remember, you read it here first.  (If this has been invented already, plz let me know where I can get some.. or I’ll have to make it).

UPDATE:  It DOES exist.. but only in Kentucky.

 me:  what?
it exists?!
 Dustin:  are you serioussssssssssssss
its how we roll down here
 me:  kentucky has chocolate chip cream cheese?!
 Dustin:  fuck yesss
 me:  you are blowing my mind
is it as delicious as i think it will be
 Dustin:  its a little rich for mornings, but for late brunches it is superb

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