RIP Anna Bag,

This is the best bag LeSportSac makes, Nora and I can both confirm that.  But now it’s DISCONTINUED!!   WHYYY?!  It is what we’ve called “clown car bag” because so much shit fits in it and it doesn’t even look bulky.  Observe below (though this is a pattern I hate):

I even wrote them a damn email.  I say lets boycott until Anna is back.


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For the love of god, find me a new bag

LeSportsac has really shitty patterns right now. Brooklyn Industries doesn’t have anything with zippers that I like. And if I buy that new one from Urban Outfitters that Becky has, I’ll feel unoriginal and stalker-ish.

I really want this one, but it’s so expensive I could die. Doesn’t Urban Outfitters know we’re having a financial apocolypse????

So, CWL readers, I beg you: find me a good goddamn purse (must have a zipper on the top, thank you very much).

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