Gimme gimme gimme a man (after midnight)

Thanks Justin for making us watch Abba videos while we were in Opachoke. Also, thanks for informing me that Madonna’s Confessions on the Dance Floor is based off of Abba.


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Put this in the Gchat hall of fame

me: we spooned last nightare you jealousDan: you and meetza or you and nora?me: me and noraDan: oooohme: i was drunk and snuggly!Dan: nora is having an “affair of the heart”Dan: madonna!that is your new nameme: oohi’ll take itDan: or whats her jewish name?that she tookme: kabalahfaceDan: we are living in a material world and i have a kaballah-facehey mr. rabbi put a torah on, i am kaballah facelike a gentile, reading kaballah for the very first timelike a gen-enenenenen-tileoh wow so fun!me: i am speechlessDan: by how clever that is or my knowledge of madonna?just like a prayer, kaballah will take you there, you better read my face, kaballah all up in there!Dan: kaballah makes the jew-ew-ew-ews come together… it’s a mitzvah when you loo -oo-oo-k into my face

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I said I’ll taste it, I’ll give it a whirl; and now I am a cereal girl!

What a classic.  I remembered about this Sesame Street gem tonight after I had cereal for dinner.  Now I am a cereal girl. 

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