Meetz does not want to sleep in this CROC

Gross! Who am I to talk really.. I have to admit I bought some Ugg-like boots yesterday after a long hatred of them, so maybe Crocs are up next for me.   JK JK never!


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Dear Videogum, You win.

I have been fighting Videogum for a while.. sure it’s funny, but Nora and Drew both love it so much, I had to disagree just to be a shit. Today they posted cat takes a ride on a Roomba and that is the best thing ever. At the moment, Meetza is terrrrrified of our Roomba, but maybe I can sit her down and have her watch this video and she’ll see how fun it looks. She watches TV now, btws. Last night I got home and she was tuning in to the 11pm news. She’s the smartest cat!

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Nocturnal cat activity

love this!  Meetza does similar things; but would be biting the dresser at this point.

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Crazy Cat Lady? It’s not just me!

This makes me feel better..  tonight on the phone I mentioned “we” were going to eat thai takeout and watch Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.. but the “we” I mentioned was actually me and Meetza.  Hmm.

You might think that a new low, but Meetza is awesome (PS whatever!  I can totally stay home on a Friday). Anyway- Meetza plays fetch like a champ and it is also just about our 1 year anniversary of Meetza’s entrance into our lives.  So in celebration, here are the pics that won Nora and me over in September 2007.  

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Cute cat cartoon

I really really love this wake-up cat cartoon even more.. because it is very Meetza-like.  Except she would be chewing on my furniture to wake me at that point.. the rest of simon’s cat here!

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I left my cell phone at the home office today Meetza will be  handling my calls.

Dan:  asleep on the job!

Dan: i just called your phone, meetza has quite an attitude. i think you need a new assistant.

one that’s less queeny.

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She would like to have a meal with Oprah Winfrey


Becky posted this on Meetza’s Myspace wall ages ago, but Meetza hasn’t really checked her page lately.. 

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It’s the prototype for Meetza’s car. I found it on cuteoverload–that’s about right.

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Meetza FETCHED for real tonight!

Ok, I’m not sure if this means she’ll do it forever.. but my pretty girl Meetzers brought me her mouse on a rope.. we played, I threw it across the room.. she brought it back!  Threw it again, same thing!  Ok, third time wasn’t the charm.. but two in a row!  Great job Meetz!  Now do this please:

If you’re jealous, here’s how to teach your cat to fetch. However, Meetza is a prodigy that needed no training. My favorite part, “Cats enjoy the time you spend with them and this extra fun game, which involves you as much as your cat, will create a bond that lasts forever.”


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Animals doing things they’re not supposed to

Cat shoes reminded me that I have always loved animals doing things they’re not supposed to do.. like things humans do.  I used to have pictures of cats in sunglasses drinking iced tea, and another pic of an elephant sitting on a tiny car.  Anyway.  Intern Dan says Meetza will be the laughing stock of Brooklyn if she gets shoes.   That is why Dan is an intern.  To be fair, he did have some other ideas..

Dan: get meetza roller skates!
then we can push her around
or a little car

Did I find this photo or did I outsource it to the intern?  You’ll never know.

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My invention!

I really want these for Meetzers so we can take her on walks in our nabe.. (there is too much glass on the sidewalk otherwise).

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I feel similarly

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Looks comfy.

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Meetza’s soulmate

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