Britney Spears Stashed Guns In Her Vagina

Above title was actually a subject line in my spam email folder.  I doubt the veracity of that.. but look, this picture looks like she’s giving SPF cigs and that is also dangery.


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An open letter to my air conditioner:

Dear AC unit:

I am trying to save the earth, so as you know I’ve been putting you on the “energy saver” setting. I am so green friendly! However, you are a liar. You tell me it is 68 degrees in my bedroom and that’s why you are off “saving energy.” But it is not really 68 degrees. It’s fucking hot. I’m on to you. If this continues, I will have to go back to the “kill the earth and stay cool as a cucumber” setting. Just a heads up.



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It still only Tuesday..

More Nataliedee here

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Two steps ahead of me..

CWL should totally get a webbernet award.. it’s all I ever wanted. That, and the starbucks gift card that was in my wallet when I lost it..

oh, PS, I’m in the market for a new wallet.  I want a flat one.  Suggestions?  Post them plz.

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