Best of ’08 with HIMYM

amaaaazing.  Nora and Dustin both sent this to me within a half hour of each other this morning.. full photo shoot is here, at EW.

I LOVE that Jason Segal and NPH shaved their armpits for the Olympian shoot.


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Michael Phelps should always be photographed like this

no head necessary.  thanks GQ via Jezebel.

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You’ve just won 8 Olympic Gold Medals! What do you do next?!

Get your ass to the Playboy Club!!  Obvs!  Oh, Michael Phelps.. way to mack it.

via Radar

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I fucking love the Olympics

So much drama, so much passion, so much culture all in one. I watched the semi-final of the women’s 200m yesterday and was interested in the woman from Bahrain who ran in a what looked like sweatpants to comply with Muslim custom. Apparently her outfit is a combo of a “burqini” and a “hijood.” 

Doesn’t it just not seem fair that she has to wear this:

And the dudes from Bahrain get to wear this?

Well, I guess those are the rules.

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I hate a few announcers for the Olympics

Sorry, Mary Carillo.  You’re buggin me.

Also the gynmastics announcer that said

“Gymnastics 101: Grip the bar”

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NAKED Olympics!

sorry, just the boy pics.. hehe. More here..

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I love the Olympics

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Oh, Aaron Peirsol.  I am in love.

And congrats on your win.  Happy Olympics to all.

ps – can you believe that giant dude who won silver?  6’8″!!  whew.

pps – I will not post about Michael Phelps because he drives drunk, sorry.

Ok, I might be live-blogging the Olympics but DAMN Michael Phelps, please sing the anthem when you win gold.  THE BRONZE medal dude sang along!  Jeeez!  I guess it’s SOOO hard to sing that anthem soooo many times.  

Nora: “Where’s my gymnastics, twats?”

Also, I still love the THORPEDEO!

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