Happy Birthday CrapWeLike!

Today is CWL’s 1 year anniversary!  In celebration,  here are our top three posts most trafficked posts of all time (sorry, definitely not our BEST posts..)

#3:  NSFW, unless you’re on someone else’s work computer

aka – the post about the Verizon guy looking up kind of dirty vids on my work computer including Man With World’s Biggest Penis and this:

#2:  Suri Cruise is so cute my eyes can’t compute

#1 – For Liz

Honorable mention goes to this dog is better than michael phelps.

Top search engine referral terms for the year: ed westwick, bulldog puppies, michael phelps, suri cruise, the hills, nom nom nom

in conclusion: Gossip Girl, Suri Cruise and penis vids are the way to go.  Here’s to another year of CWL and maybe actually moving over to crapwelike.com.. somedayy, I promise.


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haley joel makes an ass of himself again

way to be a dickface yet again haley….

From Gothamist (who got it from Curbed)

The mysterious case of The Penistrator—an unidentified “snowfitti” vandal who’s been drawing phallic symbols on snowy cars parked in the East Village this winter—has taken a shocking, unexpected turn. EV Grieve, who regrets that he lacks the “resources to properly track this fiend,” has learned that the perpetrator may be none other than Sixth Sense star and NYU student Haley Joel Osment. TMZ posted this photo of a snow-fingered Osment earlier this month, with the headline “I See D***, People.” Guess we can close the file on that one!

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NSFW, unless you’re on someone else’s work computer..

We’ve been having internet problems at work and so the Verizon tech guy came today to check shit out. I hung out with him for a bit.. we talked about music, I ate a bagel, and he fiddled with my computer for a while. I checked email on my boss’s computer, so I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing. When he left, I checked my browser history – just cause I was wondering what sites are ‘internet test sites’ or what. Wonder no further.

I haven’t had a chance to watch yet.. but from the titles: “Man with world’s biggest penis” and “What’s in a name? (Penis)”  I am pretty psyched.  Thanks Verizon!!!

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WTF RNC? part2

Good question Steph, why did they put a random mansion behind mccain during his speech? (jfyi- when i watched it on tv, it was just a blue screen…) I think a better question is though, why did they make the stage look like a penis?

From Wonkette…

That’s former Senator Bill Frist you see speaking on tonight’s redesigned RNC stage, with a lovely projection of the African plains at dusk as his backdrop. You know what else is a projection? The massive black cock on which he’s standing.

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