Vote Pepsi

You know what the Pepsi redesign reminds me of?



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I already eliminated my music cred with Brit, soo..

I ALSO love this new Pussy Cat Dolls single.. a LOT.

It also makes me laugh when they try to show the one other girl in this group who sort of sings.

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Soda vs. Pop – New York splits on this.. but I’m from upstate and I say Pop.  Actually, I say Paaaaaaaaaop.  Or something, cause my vowel sounds aren’t great, but that is another upstate story.   And look, I’m right because more of America agrees.  Blue is for POP, Red for Coke, Yellow/Green for Soda.

I have totally stolen this from Ben’s blog, but what are you gonna do PFunk?  I bet I have more traffic anywayyy.  Zing!

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