Project Runway designers do inaugural ball gowns

Some of these are pretty bad, IMHO.


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Project Runway’s first winner is now designing fabrics

cool stuff, Jay:

from apartment therapy

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Nina and Michael are right; Kenly is a copy cat.

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Womanizer womanizer womanizer womanizer

Um, I am a little excited about Britney’s new single.  Listen HERE.

This is the type of crap song I love to clean my apartment to.  Ok ok, I love it all the time, who am I kidding.

Here is Kenley Spears from this week’s Project Runway.  I’m pretending she is the one singing Womanizer.  hehe.

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FYI: Suede’s collection is horrible

I guess I’m not that surprised.

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My friend Maggie draws really well with her left hand

This one depicts what people were doing last night instead of watching Project Runway.

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Wow, who knew?

Those two annoying and forgetable Project Runway designers are actually a couple. The video doesn’t work for me, but I don’t have sound anyway. Let me know if it’s at all amusing. Anyone think that the designers this year haven’t been all that impressive?

And for my own attempt at BOD: The Onion AV Club does a really good Project Runway recap . I like how they make fun of Jennifer: “Jennifer was delusional about her own aesthetic right to the end: ‘I brought something different to Project Runway … with my surrealism.’ That word doesn’t mean what you think it means, Jennifer.”

I just realized Jennifer could read this, and now I feeel bad. Sorry, Jennifer.

(I also love Tim’s Take..obvs).

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Christian Siriano is making maternity clothes?

via NY mag .. I totally don’t get why Christian would be into this.. but I’m sure it’ll look super cute.  Or, maybe now his clothes could actually be worn by real people who aren’t size zero?  YES.  Tent dress here I come!  I am not even commenting on those heels.. ouchies.

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