Blog of the Day: Stuff My Girlfriend Likes

.. very much in the same style as CWL, I love this blog and I think it’s sweet.  This guy says: “Sometimes Mr. Internet shows me stuff I’m sure my girlfriend (“Roo”) will like. Rather than put it all in my main tumblelog, or send her multiple emails a day, I’ll post them here. Maybe you’ll like them, too.”  And it’s stuff like this!

I love all these things!  Which means, I am this guy’s girlfriend?  Well I guess not, but his girlfriend certainly has good taste.  More here.


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Biker dudes save puppies!

From NYT – “They met on the local hot rod scene. They saw one another at tattoo conventions around the area, comparing bikes. They looked like heavies, a band of Hells Angels, with nicknames equally tough: Mike Tattoo, Big Ant, Johnny O, Batso, Sal, Angel, Des.  They meant no harm. Clad in leather, inked to the hilt in skulls and dragons, with images of bloodied barbed wire looped about their necks, they shared something else — a peculiar tenderness for animals, and the intensity needed to act on the animals’ behalf when people abuse them.”

Full slideshow here!

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This will make everything better

Elizabeth:  scary
i was just on crap
its seems a bit depressing

Elizabeth:  maybe put up some pictures of cute puppies

and just cause it’s soo good.. this is an evil seal:

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Puppies make heat too

thanks Liz.  my day is better now.

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Puppy vs. Robot

When dogs and robots collide! From WSJ.

The best part is this suggestion to get your dog to stop attacking your roomba: “Chastise the vacuum in front of the dog. And so, with Argos looking on, Mr. Hearn shook his finger at his gadget and sternly called it “a bad Roomba.”

PS- Meetza turned on our Rooma yesterday morning. Time to wake up!

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