New headboard for the recession

I have wanted a headboard for a WHILE but probably am not going to spend hundred of dollars on that at the moment.  Nora, I’m suprised you haven’t posted this already:

TA DAA .. it’s made from electrical tape and i think it’s pretty. Via Apartment Therapy. More tape art is coming to the Bklyn museum too.


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Little Edie: The Ultimate Recessionista

From Jezebel: “Nowadays we’re inundated with tips for essentially how to manufacture the illusion of an unchanged lifestyle, and that’s not tenable. Little Edie, from madness or wisdom, didn’t do that. She created a new reality for a new set of circumstances.”

She’s received credit before in the form of high-end magainze spreads…but now it’s time Little Edie was recognized as the ultimate recessionista. She could make one garmet do so many things!

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In light of the financial crisis, dress like a hobo

My sister sent this article to me with the message “These clothes are not affordable in tough economic times. Sorry, NY Times, you are wrong.”

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