Cool rug

this is a cool rug. i want it.


from Apartment Therapy


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Need a new rug? Meow you don’t!

A few of us here at CWL have moved or moved into new apartments recently, and I for one have been on the hunt for a new living room rug. Well, I should say that I WAS on the hunt until I found this one:

Only $29! What a steal!

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Apparently, rugs are back in as wall hangings

Which, I kind of disagree with. But this shit is fun. I’d say it’s even a little much for me though.

From Apartment Therapy.

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These rugs are gross

But I love that coffee table. And sofa! YUM.

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For Steph

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puzzle rug is awesome

do want

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chomp chomp chomp rug!

yay for twinkle living

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