Ok, new favorite blog ever – I found this after a couple clicks around on

Oh Shaq!  You are the winner!


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c’mon, jump on the ShaqTwitter bandwagon!

there has been a little meme going around that I have been trying to perpetuate recently (though i believe i caught from Dan- you”win” again!) that is basically just Shaq’s twitter feed. it has ignited an obsession with Shaq I never thought possible (hence my 5 video nba-on-espn post a few days ago and i even saw him play the knicks at madison square last month).  i feel a little vindicated now that it has been mentioned on Creativity’s daily email newsthingy, in my favorite section entitled “Feedbag.”  so go play on the twitter feed and then go watch those videos i posted a few days ago with a new appreciation for the mangiantdinosour that is shaquille fucking o’neal.


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