Need a new rug? Meow you don’t!

A few of us here at CWL have moved or moved into new apartments recently, and I for one have been on the hunt for a new living room rug. Well, I should say that I WAS on the hunt until I found this one:

Only $29! What a steal!


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I want to be burried in the middle of this circle

It looks so peaceful.

This reminds me of when I was a little girl and I used to arrange all my My Little Ponies in a circle around me. And if I was feeling particularly amitious, I’d use my troll dolls, too.

Anyway, this artist (Brooke Inman) uses colored pencils, photographs, markers and other shit to do this. I can just imagine Emily watching me do something like this and saying “You’re stressing me out!”

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Your vote required – which bathing suit is more likely to appear in your nightmares?

So my sister and I had a race tonight to find the world’s ugliest bathing suit. Here are the three that I think are the absolute worst. Please vote on which one you believe to be most unflattering.

Option A

From Victoria’s Secret for $164 (I shit you not)

Option B

Also from Vicky’s, but amazinly on sale for $34 (they’re practically giving them away…gee, I guess NOBODY WANTED TO BUY IT)

Option C

From Delias for $29.50

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Apparently, rugs are back in as wall hangings

Which, I kind of disagree with. But this shit is fun. I’d say it’s even a little much for me though.

From Apartment Therapy.

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Dan loves wicker, and I love stripes

…which might lead you to believe that these seats would be something we like. Personally, I think they’re a little gross. Dan? Care to weigh in?

They are sold here

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kitchen with stripes everywhere!!!

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Apparently zigzag is the new stripes

thanks for the update, Apartment Therapy

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Missoni in the bathroom = DREAMS COME TRUE

omg x100

I need everything in the new line of Corion by Missoni. Jesus, it’s like someone raided my mind grapes for ideas and then designed some bathrooms. Oh god, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something more aesthetically pleasing for a bathroom in my life.

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all i ever want

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STRIPES in the kitchen

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