Cleveland Will Kill New York

Cool prints from Cristopher Wade Sherron. Christopher, I have one question for you- why coudln’t you include Indianapolis? Indianapolis will kill Dubai? hehehe.

*Taking a cue from hip hop culture, these posters were made to provoke attention towards an unacknowledged city by starting beef with well-known, prosperous cities in hopes to gain notoriety.

*Edition of 100 posters (20 for each beef). If you would like to purchase one or more for $10 each please email me.

*Cristopher Wade Sherron
Design and Motion
Providence, RI

From HERE from Nadia.


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The rhino is fake.  FYI.

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Remember that time I went to Tokyo

and was mistaken for a Spaniard? So embarrassing.

It can’t embed, so check it out here: It has some butts in it, so don’t watch it someplace that will get you in trouble.

stolen from videogum

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