Your Wildest Dreams Have Come True

Has everyone seen this already? I think it’s the funniest thing ever.


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Kim does Ty Ty really well

Kim Stolz, aka the MTV news reporter and former ANTM contestant that went to college with Intern Dan, does a pretty awesome Tyra impression.  She was apparently pissed that Ms. Banks used “bitchy reporter” as a scenario for Top Model, since she and Tyra had a run-in at the FIERCEE Awards… (so hilarious- pronounced ‘fierce-ey’ and made up by Tyra, of course).  Anyway.    Here she is interviewing some other model at the real Fierceeeeeeeees.  

Video here.  The voiceover is the best part.

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America’s Next Top Dunk

Oh Tyra. You wooed us to stay up late tonight watching the season premiere of ANTM Cycle 410934873596 (that’s the exact number of “cycles” they’ve done). You won tonight, I’ll give you that. But whenever I look at you and your head full of thoughts of world domination and awareness-spreading intentions (see: this cycle’s contestant Isis), all I can think of is that time when Spencer and Heidi came to your show and said something so racist that the whole universe should had been shocked but you were too stupid to notice.

(I can’t find the clip anywhere else online except from The Soup, which is great, I effing love The Soup, but just skip to about 6:28 in…)

I’m sorry. That’s just ridic-ba-dunk-a-dunk-ulous.

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Thanks TyTy

I think this clip is actually better with the sound off. I learned all I need from the headline High Heels Will Give You A Tighter Vagina, Better Orgasms, According To Tyra

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Show your Tyra love

A blogger I like is making shirts for Neighborhoodies – Check out the designs from FourFour here.  Smile with your Eyes totally cracks me up and I love Team Winston!

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Like a ticking time clock

Smiling with your eyes is the 3rd one.  MASTER IT!

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